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Records for sale


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-Bad Company - The Pulse/China Cup - Prototype
-J Majik - Love Is Not A Game - Defected
-Shimon/Andy C -Quest/Niteflite- Ram
-Heretic - Heads High - Rudebwoy Plastic
-Ed Rush/Optical - Gas Mask - Virus
-Roni Size - Snap Shot - Full Cycle
-Moving Fusion vs Origin Unknown - Turbulence/Sound in motion- Ram
-Shimon/ Andy C - Terraform EP (2lp) - Ram
-Karl K/Konflict -Synapse - ??
-Ram Raiders 3 - (3lp) - Ram
-Capital J - Throwdown- Wikkid Records
-Dj Slip -Aftermath/Missing Link - Vinyl Syndicate
-Bad Company - The Nine/Dog Fight - Bad Company
-Moving Fusion - Atlantis EP (Bad Company rmx) - Ram

All were bought for collection, played less than 10 times each.
Brand new condition

Email me breakdj99@hotmail.com