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Records For Sale


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Im selling another bunch (90) of records again.
MOSTLY PROG....although theres some housier house, some techy house, some breaks and a few (4) trance records!

i want to sell the WHOLE lot for $350
LESS THAN $4 bux a record.

If that doesnt happen, I'll sell them as a whole on Ebay.
If that doesnt happen, Ill break them up for $5-9 a record.

Saeed & Palash - Voices [breathless/afterlife mixes] - Bedrock
Hamel & Blackwatch - Diskotek [original/6am DT dub mixes] - Bedrock
G Pal - Ocean Of Blue [original/blue mixes] - Swift
Lenny Kravitz - Believe In Me [shane 54's pink flood mix] - White
Auto-Porno - Fingerfest Inc [2 mixes] - White
Little Green Men - These Are The Beats - [orig/acapella/third movement mixes] - Forensic
Echomen - Substance [main/mooncat mixes] - Forensic
Filter Tip - In Season/On Heat graham camp mix - Automatic
Private Taste - First [orig/ashtrax mixes] - Automatic
Plug Presents - Indian Summer [orig/att mixes] - Plug
Remark - So Pure [orig/fingerfest inc. mixes] - Choochoo
Chris Cargo - Solid Substance [transitions/cc200 mixes] - Choochoo
North Atlantic - Lights Out [orig/lemon 8 mixes] - EQ Grey
Pat Fosheen - Zion [orig/spere mixes] - EQ Grey
Bond - The Milky Way [evolution/old world mixes] - Amato
Lemon 8 - New York New York - [orig/sanctuary mixes] - Energy
Stylus Trouble - Sputnik one/two - Junior London
Killerloop - Organism/Blue Hour -orig/remix edit - End Recordings
The Future Sound Of London - Papa New Guinea [satoshi tomiie main path/flip path mixes] - Jumpin & Pumpin
The Future Sound Of London - Papa New Guinea [hybrid/oil funk dub/orig mixes] - Jumpin & Pumpin
S.W. - Move It [76 treatment/orig] Alturas - After Midnight
Airgap - Resolve [dub/main mixes] - Yoshitoshi
Ortus- Awakenings/Rogue Forces - Airgap
Heads Of State - Tonewheel/Collected/lk1,2,3 - Advance
Juan Recoba - Aloha/Beta/Gamma - Advance
Juan Recoba - Amarillo/Exit/Play - Advance
Warp Classics - Test Tone/Tricky Disco/LFO/Unknown - WARP
Rober Owens - Ill Be Your Friend [orig/dead zone mixes] - House Party
Eagles Prey - Tonto's Drum [emerson/blackwatch mixes] - Plastic Fantastic
The Architect - The Realm [2 mixes] - Niche
Idjut Boys & Quakerman - Schlamm Me [dj q's/Iles dirty bird mixes] - Alola
Vince Watson - Beneath The Sound [orig/16b night owl edit/powder mix/beats] - Alola
Mode 2 - SOS [orig/16b re-edit] - Alola
Loudeast - Afterdark EP - Are You Talking To Me/Evil Bonus FX/Evil
Loudeast - Lights Off [orig/underneath mixes] - Shinichi
Dub/Talking Bonus Beats - Alola
Main Element - Take Me Down [gwill morris/infusion mixes] - Silver Planet
Ian Wilkie - Gutan Tag [vocal/dub mixes] - Silver Planet
Nugen - Unknown - Cyber Records
Solid Sessions - Janeiro [lemon 8/subtech mixes] - Additive
S.O.L.I.S. - Dolphins [classified project/desert mashed mixes] - Additive
Remy - EP 1.2 - Backstabber/Serious Damage [starecase mix] - Additive
Remy - Bang/Scrambled - Additive
16 C + - Under Forever [orig/chab mixes] - Additive
Junkie XL - Bon Voyage/Power Of Big Slacks - Manifesto
Junkie XL - Zerotonine [slackers tens/extended neurotransmitter] - Manifesto
Hybrid - Visible Noise/Know Your Enemy - Distinctive Breaks
Nat Monday - Waiting [creamer & k/jay welsh mixes] Distinctive Breaks
Chris Coco - Falling {eric kupper mixes] - Distinctive Promo
Van Bellen - The Senses EP -soulfeel/groovepallette/the auditorium/20/20 - Beak
Joe Smooth Inc - The Promised Land - Club/underground/radio mixes] - DJ International
Sleep Structure - Readers Waves/Comfort Guide/Intromate - Sumsonic
Sleepfreaks - Chemical Shift [orig/killahurtz mixes] - Sumsonic
Paul Rogers - Switch/Lazy Monday - Sumsonic
Paul Rogers - Krafty [2 mixes] - White
Cirque - Cirque Music Vol.1/Vol.2 - Cirque
Cirque - Swerve [main/deep mixes] - Weekend World
DB - Point Of View [orig/lange.quivver mixes] - Illustrious
Underworld - Two Months Off [orig/king unique mixes] - JBO
Andy Moor - Passenger [travellin vocal/west coast dub] - Baroque
Starecase - Faith [general midi's very metal/jean jacqes smoothie mixes] Hope
Starecase - Faith [loafer/orig/ mixes] - Hope
Starecase - See [club mix/rulers of the deep mix] - Hope
Funky Junctio vs KC Flight - Voices [pete heller/tom middletons cosmos vocal mixes] - Hooj
16b ft Morel - Escape [francisco savier/omids dark dub mixes] - Hooj
Gideon Jackson ft Paul Hankin - Tribal experimants/Taj Mahal - LHB
Coco Da Silva - Saudade [orig/instrumental mixes] - Kismet
Plato - Nothing From This [echomen/orig mixes] - Avant Garde
Nebulus - Blueless/Layer - Generation
Satoshi Tomiie - Virus [main path/luke fair mixes] - SAW
Sapphircut - Free Your Mind [orig/danny tenadlia mixes] - Twisted
Pappa & Gilbey - Validate [blackwatch/orig mixes] - Regress
Michael Nova - Umkehrschub/Da - Regress
Random Method - Transformation EP - Transformation/Approach/Continental - Slide
Blue Noise - Sonorous EP - Sonoroue/Process/Coldflow - Slide
Blue Noise - Modular EP - Modular/Substate/Polar - Slide
S.D. Grooves - Disco Juice EP - Discojuice/Pride/Outside In - Slide
Random Method - Backlash EP - Backlash/Phunktion/Squelch Factor - Slide
Moloko - Sing It Back [tee's freeze/booker t loco dub/boris musical/booker t loco mixes] - Echo
Bent - Always [ashley beedle's mahavishnu/nightmares on wax/album mixes] - MOS
Fuf & Goz ft Marshall Jefferson - Coffee To Go [orig/nathan g mixes] - Kinkey Vinyl
Royksopp - Poor Leno - Silicon Souls's Hypno House Dub - Wall Of Sound
Ubu - Pixels [orig/hipp-e mixes] - Azuli
Ashtrax - Digital Reason [ogenki clinic/orig mixes] - Deviant
Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars [timo mass dub/bob sinclair main vocal/tiesto's edited dub mixes] - Mute
Derrick May - Strings Of Life [breaks mix] - White
Orbital - Chime/Frenetic - Internal
Art Of Trance - Monsoon - Platipus
Gouryella - Gouryella - Code Blue
Binary Finary - 1999 [gouryella/kaycee mixes] - Positiva

pm me or email me
lazysacha @ gmail dot calm
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there are maybe 5 records there that i like?
and how come so many people have "papua new guinea?" that song is shit.


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marcinm said:
how come so many people have "papua new guinea?" that song is shit.

Because you're wrong. :) And it's a classic. And I'll take it, if he fails to sell his lot.

docta seuss

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marcinm said:
how come so many people have "papua new guinea?" that song is shit.
i somewhat agree. i always find it strange that such mediocre tracks tend to be the ones that have the poop remixed out of them.

think of all the tracks that have been remixed to death of late, and easily 90% of them qualify as shite.. or at least semi-shite. (IMO at least)
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marcinm said:
there are maybe 5 records there that i like?
and how come so many people have "papua new guinea?" that song is shit.

Out of all the stupid things you've ever said, in my eyes this is the dumbest.
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