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records for sale

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
need to unload some vinyl...

state of play-stranger days(original and marcus intel. mix)


paradox-existentialism/less worse

absolute classic drum and bass form slammin vinyl-serious tunes!!

division one-warning

pascal-favours/who can draw

wots my code-dubplate and the total science remix

dj slip-aftermath/missing link

total science-sophisticated bitch/freak me

brockie ed solo/voices/lost bass


digital-highway/digital and spirit-sudden death

acetate-cold steel pressure

most of these I put up in a prevoius thread but got loads of interest...I still have them so...

5 bucks each,10 for doubles,15 for the triple pack...if you buy lots ill hook up a few extra for your listening enjoyment!

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