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Records for Sale (Prog/tribal/house)


TRIBE Member
I have the following records up for sale:

1. Miami 2005 promo sampler Disc two
Includes - Deep In - Midlight, Dj Quiz - Sample as that & Hidden ID - Summer.
2. Shiney Grey - You made a promise (Les Remixes)
3. Tony Thomas - Drumatikal
4. Joseph Armani and Jan Fransisco - Infatuation (dubmix)
4. Raul Blanco & Monica Klim - "Just only living"
5. Hoxton Whores vs Rob Tissera Feat Vernon Lewis - Promised Land 2005
6. Chable & Bonnici - Ride
7. Boni vs Tooth T meet Aaron Dawn - Nasty / Crazy kinda love

Each of the above - $11.00/record.

The following listed below are at an asking price of $7.00/ record.

1. Nugen Braaj - (rel006) - Inner Sanctuary Mix
2. Illuminati - Bohemian Groove
3. Getting Higher - Lexicon Avenue for the house heads dub.

Almost all can be sampled on release or playde's wedbsites.

These are in excellent condition and were purchased for me but I will never use them. With the exception of the last three records, the items mentioned above have been purchased within the last 4-5 months.

If interested please reply to deyo101@hotmail.com or PM me.

Thanks for your time