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records for sale lot 3: various electronica


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Asking $125 if bought in one lot (total value over $230) or if singles by prices stated by each record. Willing to negotiate. Free shipping if 3+ records are bought, otherwise $4 shipping for one record and $3 shipping for 2 records. PM me or MSN/email: eurmusic AT hotmail.com

1. Alexia - Me And You (House/Club/Euro)
(Extended Euromix, Radio Version, VOltage Mix, Accapella)
1995 Numuzik (NEW) $12

2. Katalina - DJ Girl
(Afterhours Mix, Accapella Mix, Dirty Whore Mix, ??? Mix, ??? Mix)
Label a bit scratched on side couldnt make out some of the remixes.
1996 Thump Records $14

3. Captain Jack - Soldier Soldier
(Cyborgs In Rio Mix, Sixpack Mix, Wedding Bells Mix)
1995 Akropolis/EMI Germany (NEW) $10

4. 2 Unlimited - Do What's Good For Me
(X-Out Mix, Aural Pleasure Mix, Extended Mix, Alex Party Mix)
1995 Byte Records (NEW) $14

5. Madonna - Music (2 x 12")
(1. Groove Armada's Flagship Dub, Calderone Radio Edit, Groove Armada's 12" Revival, 2 Groove Armada's 7" Edit, Groove Aramada's Bonus Beats)
(2. The Young COllective Club Remix, Calderone Anthem Mix)
2000 Warner Bros (Brand NEW) $20

6. House of 909 - Beautiful Day (Cevin Fisher Remixes)
(Cevin's Beautiful Style Mix, Cevin's Rejoice Mix)
1999 Ark/Pagan Records UK $10

7. Inner City - Share My Life
(Graeme Park Vocal Mix, Kevin Saunderson "Master Reese" Master Edit, Graeme Park Dub Mix, Parks & Wilson LA Underground Mix)
1994 Columbie/Best Beat $7

8. Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown - No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
(Evolution's Classic Disco Mix, Evo TOnik Dub, West End Club)
Arista Records $5

9. C.C.C.P. - American - Soviets
(Instrumental, Radio Version, Vocal)
1987 Oak Lawn Records $4

10. The Soundlovers - Walking (House/Club)
(All The DJs Mix, Clubber Mix, Birretta Mix, Trinity MIx, 80s Lovers)
2000 Radikal Records $9

11. Star - Rock Rose (Trance)
(Orignal Mix, Filterheads Mix)
Filterheads Mix has a scratch
Platipus Records $4

12. Hellfish = Professional Psycho (Hardcore)
A: Professional Psycho B: Humalien
2002 Deatchant Records UK (Brand NEW) $16

13. The DJ Producer - Last Man Standing (Hardcore)
(Bass Kicks 02, Strictly Underground Funk)
Social Parasite UK (Brand NEW) $16

14. Snap! - Exterminate
(Endeit 12", A.C.LL 12")
1992 Arista/Logic Records $7

15. Marina - Dream Lover
(Extended Club Mix, The Dream Velvet Mix, Galaxy Love Mix)
1997 Kamen Records (DJ Promo) $6

16. Marina - Foolish Games, Um-Lotty-Da, Dream Lover
(Extended Club Mix, Extended Club Mix, Brutal's Groovin Vocal Mix)
1997 Kamen/MRK Records (DJ Promo) $5

17. Fanny Cadeo - I Want Your Love (House/Club)
(MR Marvin Mix, Mr Marvin Catwoman Mix, Original Version, 2nd Choice, Radio Edit)
1995 Quality Music $5

18. Tony Di Bart - Why Did Ya (House)
(FPI Mix, Yum Yum Mix, 12" Club, 7" Soul)
1995 Cleveland City Records (NEW) $7

19. MK Feat. Alana - Love Changes (House/Club)
(Rough Mix, Masters At Work/MK Dub, LP Edit, MK Mix, Deep Mix)
1993 Charisma Records (Brand NEW) $7

20. MSM (Miami Sound Machine) - Jambala (House/CLub)
(The Main Mix, Eu-Topia Mix)
Donna Allen - Love Is The Thing
(Spike Boys CLub Mix, Spike Boys Dub Part 1)
1994 Sony/EPic Dance (Brand NEW) $8

21. BG The Prince Of Rap - Stomp (House/CLub/Euro)
(Stompin HOuse Mix, Full Party Disco Mix)
BOnus: Crazy (Album Version)
1996 Sony Music Germany $7

22. Alana Dante - Think Twice
(CL's Extended Radion, RKs Plastik Dub, Classic Dance Mix, Edge Factor Dub)
1996 Attic Records $6

23. L.A. Style
(Side A: Original Mixes Side B: Remixes)
1993 Hi Tension Records $12

24. The KLF - Justified & Ancient
(All BOund For Mu Land, Make Mine a "99", Stand By The Jams, Let THem Eat Ice Cream)
1992 KLF Communications/Arista $9

25. Westbam - No More Fucking Rock And Roll
(Satisfaction (Jager/Ricards)
(Original, Uebungraum Mix, ??? Mix)
1990 Low Spirit Recordings Germany $12

26. Sex Club XXX - Big Dick Man
(Radio Mix, Dick Mix, Uncut (Jungle) Mix, Club Extension Mix, Penetration Mix, Big Dick Club)
1994 Fly Records $5
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