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records for sale lot 2: various electronica


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Faithlesss - Take The Long Way Home
(Rollin and Epic Mix)
1998 Cheeky Records UK

Astral Projection - Liquid Sun
(Cass & Slides Rework, Album Mix)
Automatic Records UK

Astral Projection - Solid Electronics
Astral Projection - Nilaya
NovaTekk Germany

Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls
(Lectro Dub, Tribal Break, X Beat Instrumental, JRs House Beats)
1996 Groovelicious

Armand Van Helden
This is brand new. I dunno what it is, its all in weird letters
and theres code on the sleeve to figure it out. Ill do that later
or if someone specifically requests.
2000 Armed Records

Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy
(Flamman & Abraxas, Dreadlock HOliday, Dano No Sweat, Original Mixes)
1995 Attic Records (Brand New)

Skee-Lo - I Wish
(?? Mix, Mama's?? Mix, Acapella, Radio, ??, ??)
Label is a bit worn out, so i cant tell what some mixes are
All i know theres some jungle remix, thats why people wanted it.
1995 BMG $10

Ice T - Power
(Im Your Pusher, Personal, Girls LGBNAF, High Rollers, Grand Larceny, Soul On Ice, Outro
Power, Drama, Heartbeat, Syndicate, Radio Suckers)
Sire Records $6

Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
(Radio, Extended, Belly, Spaceship Mixes)
1994 Intercord/BlowUp Italy

Mc Hammer - u Cant Touch This
(LP, Video, Instrumenatal)
BONUS: Mc Hammer - Dancing Machine (Funk Mix, Funky Club)
1990 Capitol

Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It
(LP, Instrumental, Barr 9, Accapella)
1995 Rush Assoc.

Babylon Zoo - Boy With X-Ray Eyes
(Armageddon Babylon Mix, Xrated Mix)
1996 EMI
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