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records 4 sale

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
I've had a lot of these up already but NOW I have to get rid of them...I recently moved in with a guy who has every piece of vinyl imaginable...other than the odd double here and there, most of these I'd like to get rid of ASAP.


blah blah blah...

PERSPECTIVE ep VOL.3-Bovel,aquasky,pressure rise,pollen(2Xvinyl)
bad company-the NINE/dogfight
juju-tambor/fire valley
vector burn-streamline/interlace
perfect combination and ixis-deep media/in the forest
ray keith/nookie-self destruction/sing time(VIP)
surreal and parameter II-beyond the point/sledgehammer
John B-up all night/take control
KLUTE-part of me
Teebee-let go/deception
carlito and addiction-supergrass/nothing better
omni trio-renegade snares remix, foul play-opne your mind
DJ abstract-love hurts/maryam
kemal and rob data-KONSPIRACY,narcosis-escape route
blackmarket presents DRUM AND BASS(2Xvinyl)
brockie presents undiluted EP(2Xvinyl)
roni size-snapshot/26 bass
5th amendment-truth/lies(emotif)
total science-jet set/trouble
decoder white label(?)
surreal and parameter II-turantula/nubreed
proteus-serious pimp/land cruiser
red one-dreams/side step
WHAT'S UP NOW remixes-future cut,the pedge,nookie,ray keith
TEEBEE- through the eyes of a scorpion LP(4Xvinyl)
MOVEMENT-souljah-fade2black(!),digital-one ton,roni size-it's jazzy,supply and demand-love the one...
ALIEN ENCOUNTER LP sampler-reflections,bypass,acid rock,frequency(ray keith-2Xvinyl)
BERT-the debut EP(valve-2Xvinyl)
resistance and D-tek'd(emotif)-runnin with this/last rites
accidental heroes-berserk!/can you feel it(trace/rhymetyme)
mathematics-blakjack/sunday morning
cybin-say the word/mode 4
ECHO-photogel/drop dead
beta 2-ETA/soul feeling
twisted individual-scurvey/disfunktional
optical white label(??)
armour-dexters groove/isolated(emotif)
beta 2 and zero tolernace-kysha/sweet tooth
technical itch-can't see you/contents of thought
capone-bongo rock
J MAJIK presents NIGHTVISION LP(4Xvinyl)
KILLABYTES vol.2!!(3Xvinyl)
dom and roland-can't punish me/sky spirits
twisted individual-harpoon/tugboat(worm)
beta 2 and zero tolernace MURDER EP-lip service,monder,TR19,212
futurebound and protocol-sidewinder/envy
Cybin-jazz thing/angel eyes
SUV-continuum/alfombra magica
private affairs-scan disk/squegg
alpha omega-bad vibe/dub step
D product-telemetry/written off
accidental heroes-white window,q-project-R-factor
D product-already mine/running scared
phutero TAMBOR BAJO EP-greg packer,juju,mathematics,abstract
delta and format-can't explain/tahiti sunset
BLAME-neptune/planet neptune
Peshay-you got me burning/fuzion
special K-side splice/feel it
total science ADVANCE LP(missing 1 record) (2Xvinyl)
kemal and rob data-the mummy/bleed
future cut-obsession/tear out my heart(metalheadz)
technical itch-the never after EP-dimensions(tune!),relic,crystal,extraction
BAD COMPANY-inside the machine LP(classic!) (5Xvinyl)
renegade hardware-the AFTERMATH LP(missing messiah)(6Xvinyl) in box


detroit grand pubahs-funk all y'all LP(2Xvinyl)
justin berkovi-beyond hour,tambrene,fear room,aggressa
jay denham-nightrider,gayle san-bermuda
kit clayton-lateral forces pt 1,2
evil eddie richards-the network EP
angel moraes-everybody's feelin/the funk train
cari lekebusch-magic vandal EP

hip hop

the allies-D-day EP

there ya go...PM me with for info
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