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RECORDS 4 SALE (House/Techno/Disco)


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Records For Sale - I will ship via Canada Post if you are not in the city or able to pick up (you pay all shipping fees). Please PM me for prices

Still Phil -“Distant Familiarity” EP Natural Resources
Mathew Jonson - “She Is He” EP - It Is What It Is
Disco Dust - “Feel The Force b/w Feels Good” EP - Soul Furic Trax
Jovonn - “Vibe Strumental” EP Trackmode
Ben Nevile - “4 track EP” - Context 08
Agent K - “Ladies” EP - Laws of Motion
Ballistic Brothers - “Future James b/w Tuning Up!” EP - Soundboy
King Britt/Sylk 130 - “Re-Members Only” LP (2X) - Ovum
Mousetrap - "Sounds Of Life” EP Peppermint Jam
Kathy Brown - “Give It Up” EP - White
USG - “USGncameu” EP (2X) Clairaudience 101
Dazzle - “Dance With Me” EP Clairaudience
Super Discount - "Super Discount” LP Different/Solid
Jordan Fields - “Xploration” EP - Lazyboy
Purveyors of Fine Funk - “Underground Permutations” - Nepenta
Block Party - “Groove On” EP - Blacksoul
The DHJ Project - “Your Spirit” - Diy
Open Source - “Night Flight” EP Transfusion
V/A - “49th Parallel” EP - Vinyl Peace
Ginuwine - “In Those Jeans Remixes” EP White
V/A - “Refraction Vol.1 - Residual
Dollby - “Do It” EP - Groove On
Earth Wind & Fire - “Can’t Hide Love” EP White
New Sector Movements - “The Sun” EP Virgin/People
Low Fidelity All Stars - “Battle Flag” EP Skint/Columbia
Sweet Abraham - “Sahara b/w My Way” Diaspora
Fredrik Stark -“Retrospect” EP - i Records
Smash Hunter - “Midnite Dreams b/w Get Over” EP - Midnite
Taka Boom “Feel Good All Over” EP Kult
The Jammy Dodgers “Hot Skins” EP Ascension
The Rurals “4 Track" EP - Peng 01
DJ Pope “I Need You” EP - Black Vinyl
Liquid People “Don’t You Go Away” EP Yellow/Africanism
Groove Committee “I Want To Hold You b/w Dirty Games” - Vinyl Solution
The Songstress “See Line Woman” EP Ibadan
Turnstyle Orchestra “Latin Soul” EP Guidance
Nathan Haines “Earth Is The Place” EP Wave/Chili Funk
Osunlade "Paradigm” LP (2X) - Soul Jazz
Essential Soul “Come On” EP - Wave
Royal Family “Pressure” EP - Spanka
The Rurals “Summer Edition” Limited EP Seasons Limited 03
Anthony Nicholson “Sunshine” EP - Nite Grooves
Swag “No Such Thing” LP (2X) - Version Music
Swag “Where I Belong Remixes” EP Version Music
Blakkat “Give Into Love b/w Deeper” EP Blaktrax
Konrad Black “The Opticians Chair” EP Swayzak
Ananda Project “Cascades Of Color Remixes” EP (2X) - Nite Grooves
Heidelberg Project “Same Old Shit b/w Different Day” EP - DIS
Nectar “Liquid Acid” EP - Grayhound
V/A “AM Club Cutz Vol. 1” EP - BNO
Slope “Basscheck” EP - Mermaid
Montenegro “Global Conversation” EP Allen Street
Jon Cutler/DJ Romain “The Sounds Of Life” EP - Distant 003
Crazy Penis “Keep On Remixes” EP Paper 91
Afro Centric Vibe “Let’s Be Free” EP - King Street
H Foundation “Environments EP (2X) Soma
Jon Cutler "Dawn” EP - Papa
Marlon D/Frankie O “Miss Our Love” EP Underground Collective
Kerri Chandler “Hallelujah” - King Street
Chris Gray “Trippy Fingers” EP Trackmode
Soca “Invitation To…” EP - Soul Camp
Carlos Gomez “Brazilica b/w Ugaya” EP Wave
Miguel Migs/Rasoul “Summer Spectrum” EP - Transport
T’Boys “Long Way” EP - Straight Up
Braxton Holmes “Cabrini, Greens & Cornbread” EP - Funky Chocolate
Boo Williams “BigFatWoman” EP - NLC
Bobby Pruit “Tried So Hard” EP - Murk
Peven Everett “Soul Tempura” EP Diaspora
Norma Jean Bell “UNKNOWN” - White
Cassius “Foxxy Lady” EP Boombass
Freestyle Man “Que Domingo Remixes” EP Sahko
Don Carlos “Alone” EP - Calypso
MAW feat. India “When You Touch Me” EP Cutting
Frankie Bones “Bonesbreaks Vol 2” EP Underworld
Ruffneck “New Life” EP (2X) - RealTime
King Britt/Josh Wink “Strong Song” EP Vinyl Solution
MoodyMan “ForeverNeverMore” EP White
Soul II Soul “Keep On Moving” EP Virgin
The Tellurians “Danca Alderbaran” EP Rainy City
Nick Holder “The Fourth Dimension” EP Stickman
Caligula “I Want U” EP - Twilight
2nd Shift “It’s Been a Long Time” EP Seasons
KYD & Kango “Barakan” EP - Estereo
Darnell Spencer “What Is House” EP Aquarius
Black Cherry Trax “Deepa b/w Feelin Strong” EP - Street Knowledge
Mustafa “Samando” EP - Onda Unda
Martin Venetjoki “The Touchdown Ep” Touchdown
Next Evidence “Climats Ep” - Basic
AudioVox “Tango Forte” EP - Pulver
Fingers Inc “Never More Lonely” EP - Jack Trax

Phantom Slasher “Puddle & Spout” LP (2X) Noid
Big Two Hundred “Your Personal Filth” LP (2X) - DC
The Gap Band “Outstanding” EP - Total Experience
T Connection “Do What You Wanna Do” EP - TK Disco
T Connection “At Midnight” EP - TK Disco
Mike & Brenda Sutton “We’ll Make It” EP Sam
Klymaxx “The Men All Pause” EP Constellation
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