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Recording into Soundforge

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member
ok....well i recently installed my new soundcard (miamidi) and after the support from all of you in regards to my post http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=62488

i have come across another problem but this one however is rather strange. ive attempted 3 times in recording a cd set into sound forge. each time around the 35 minute mark there seems to be a problem with the recording. first an 80 minute mix turned into a 2.20 minute mix. what happened was after i saved the file as a wave and listened to it it started playing super slow as though someone was moving the record manually with their finger. it was really strange. so i recorded a different cd mix into soundforge and when i saved it and listened to it after about 35 minutes the tempo increased significantly almost sounding like alvin & the chipmunks :confused:

im reeeeeeeeally puzzled here and was wondering if any of you could shed some light for me...

thanks! :)
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that sounds like a sampling rate problem to me.

i'll check my documentation on it, but i'm sure some
of the other folks on the list can provide an answer
quicker than i.

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member
but what i find weird is the first 30 minutes is fine...normal. but after that it goes all bonkers :mad:

ok, so being a newbie with all this where can i locate this and change it? :(
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When you start a new recording, press Ctrl + N first and it will ask you for the Bit Depth and Sampling rate...make sure it matches what the sound cards line input is set to.