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Record Stores in the UK


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My cousin is visiting the UK this month and I asked him to check out a few record stores for some DnB tracks. Do you guys know any names of record stores that specialize in drum and bass. There are probably a tonne but I only know of blackmarket records. Can you guys help me out? I want to give him a list of record stores to check. Thanks!!


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almost all new stuff you can get there you can get here..or on Chemical...Reckless Records has some good used stuff...they have a store in Camden and one in Soho...


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I second the Reckless Records thing...you can pick up some nice used stuff that you'd never see over here.

There's a ton of used record outlets all across London...you'll be amazed what you can pick up. I have a list somewhere from a while back - I'll see if I can't dig that up.


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vinyl addiction

dont know the address but im sure there site will have it...........

i think its in brighton...but dont quote me on that:D
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