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record sale!

Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by kodos, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    Goa Trance...

    Astral Projection – Unmixed 2LP [Transient] N
    - 8 track album with some solid remixes
    Blacklight – Across the Gulf of Space / of the Darkside / Messaging [3rd mind] U
    - hard 97-era underground goa trance
    Coneheads (Tristan & Jon Om) – Swaha / Incomputero [Aquatec] U
    - blippy nonsense from experienced brits with a stupid name...
    DNA Productions (Space Cat Collaborations) – Virtual Jungle 2LP [Krembo] U
    - incredible old album featuring members of pleiadians, menis, psychaos, phreaky, etc
    Green Nuns - Rock Bitch Mafia 3LP [Flying Rhino] N
    Green Nuns - Rock Bitch Mafia 3LP [Flying Rhino] N
    - two copies of this 6 track acid stormer in perfect condition
    Hallucinogen - Twisted 2LP [Twisted] N
    - re-issue of the all time classic
    Morphem – How Can U Be So Sure? / My Plan [Tunnel] U
    - solid old school
    OOOD – Karmic Suture / Rifa [Cabbaged] U
    - uk trance and what the hell... goa-core?
    Pan – Cake / Qualia [21-3] U
    - more blips from some brits, utilizing a deep distorted kick on one side
    Quatermass – Beyond Sunrise / Arjuna / Dawn Goddess [Phantasm] U
    - 97-era goa trance with some ambient
    Space Tribe – The Future’s Right Now 2LP [Spirit Zone] N
    - best album from olli wisdom
    Twisted Travellers (Cosmoon) – Full Circle / Twisted Travelling [Flying Rhino] WL U
    - hard & scratchy break-fused goa trance from holland
    V/A - Balagan 2LP [Symbiosis] WL U
    - 8 track album full of israeli classics (mfg, astral, sandman, phreaky, etc)
    V/A - Goa Trance 1 2LP [Rumour] U
    - 8 track album with numerous classics (etnica, total eclipse, mwnn, etc)
    V/A - T.I.P Singles 1 3LP [TIP] N
    - 6 track stormer featuring some of the best tracks of all time


    Absolum – On the C-Side / Drumatrix (Remix) [Tip World] N
    - hard and mean as hell w/nu-nrg crossover potential
    Atmos – Drums Don’t Stop / Biorythm [Naja] N
    - pulsing atmospheric builders
    Dark Nebula – The Door / The Wasteland [Implant] N
    - noisy dark madness from upstart aussie act
    Dragon - Engen / Riplash [Spiral Trax Int'l] U
    - slower percussion-focused rumblers with enough on top to keep it interesting
    GMS feat. Chicago – On a Mission From God / The Gimp [TIP World] N
    - standard GMS stuff with high production and silly samples as you can imagine
    Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch 2LP [Koyote] N
    - incredible psychedelic music from sweden's dennis tapper
    Koxbox – Stratosfear / Stratosfierce [Blue Room] N
    Koxbox – Stratosfear / Stratosfierce [Blue Room] N
    - dark and squelchy tunes with an evil little bass riff... R.I.P. blue room!
    Shakta & In R Voice - Present Moment [RTTS] D
    - funk-fused dark moments
    Syrinx – Tremelo Heaven / Slippin’ and Slidin’ [Matsuri] N
    - more holland-based breaks-psy fusion
    Xenomorph - Hexenkessel / Gnomes [Koyote] D
    - slightly warped in both senses of the expression
    X-Dream - Coming Soon / Intercorporal Stimulator [Blue Room] N
    - evil BIG bass riff =)
    Zerotonine – Lt Rippley’s Little Pets / Der Exot [Leviathan] N
    - menacing german minimal


    Bill & Seb – Into the Light / Questions [Dragonfly] N
    - all-star production, one of my favourite new epic tunes w/prog-styles on the flip
    DJ Choci - Spaced Out [Jon Doe / Choci mixes] Cannon Records N
    - the name says it all
    Forcefield - Visions of Eden (inc John 00 Fleming remix) [Good As] N
    - sounds like... john 00 stuff!
    Man With No Name – From Within (1992) U
    Man With No Name – Geddit!!? / 120 Something (1990) U
    - own a piece of history? first mwnn records ever!
    Pure Nova – Awakening / Space-to-dream [Fragrant] U
    - its... trance, ok?

    N = new
    U = used
    WL = white label

    email dieznyik@hotmail.com for prices and availability... this is going to be posted in several places at once so act quick if interested!
  2. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member


    I see some of those I want.

    check your e-mail! (praying hotmail works from the library...)

  3. Stan

    Stan TRIBE Member

    Scott! I still want those records. Are you free on Thursday or Friday?

    And does the Goa Trance 1 compilation have Astral Projection - Power Gen on it?
  4. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    is that allie? or voytek? only got a message from the latter there..

    yes stan, it has power gen! there's a chunk of goo on the razor's edge tune but the rest works nice... the mwnn is sly ed, and the etnica tune is 'tribute'... oh and le lotus bleu is also on there...

    thursday is an option, just give us a call/email :)
  5. Cheap Ego

    Cheap Ego TRIBE Member

    Scott.. any chance you can edit that list?

    curious as to what's still for sale.
  6. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    a handful of the classic stuff is gone.. the rest is still around for the most part.. i'll post an updated list [with a few more items i found lying around] later on today (hopefully)..
  7. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    oh man. I wonder if Pete has seen this yet.
  8. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    yea he had a gander but no biting

    a few new ones to add:

    four carry nuts - professor hestig / pflanzenfett
    laughing buddha - if you think you're psykik / swingin' london (austin powers samples ;)
  9. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    a few additions to the list...

    sandman - cyber zoo / STP
    as well some infected mushroom... (inquire)

    also if i am holding items for you be sure to contact me soon... i'm not gonna wait forever :)
  10. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    everything is going to ebay next week so act quick or miss out

    PS this isnt a surplus or used sale... dont expect used record prices.
  11. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    i have a bunch of copies of infected mushroom's first album "the gathering" on triple vinyl for $40 each...

    a few copies of bust-a-move 12" as well ;)
  12. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    all out of bust-a-move! only 3 copies of the gathering left!

    a few more records for sale:

    infernal machine - the loin king EP
    v/a - electrosect 2LP

    both new... infernal machine is hallucinogen + a green nun, and electrosect has some killer tracks from phreaky, tim schuldt, tortured brain, and others..

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