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Somehow I feel I owe at least two tribers an apology.

Mingster and MoFo.

Dear Mingster and MoFo:

I feel I owe the both of you an apology.
Moslty because I have been unduly harsh in your direction.
Partially because I dont know either of you and have subjected you to my tongue in my cheek without fair warning.

The combination of these can paint an incorrect portrait.

I also extend this apology to Ms. Fit, but I have already clarified my position in this matter, in person, so that apology is redundant.

I am not apologetic, or regretful, in any way whatsoever for any claim, offensive or otherwise, I have made to any other person at any other time, here or elsewhere, implied or explicit; other than those mentioned above.

Lava me iniquitatem meam.

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