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Recommend me earbuds


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Need a new pair of earbuds. Something with iphone/device controls.
Something balanced and without "Head rattling Bass" as a selling feature.
No beats. No bluetooth.

$99 max.

Recommend me something please.
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Bought my Westone UM2 IEMs for 200 bucks. Best money I ever spent. Dual Driver, excellent sound.

I went through tons at the $100-$150 range before these. They're holding up excellently.(I am hard on headphones n earbuds)


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that's partly why i went with yamaha's. they are built solid.

i kick the shit out them (actually i'm careful, but they get a lot of use, probably 15hrs are week in my ears on bike, at the gym, walking the dog, doing payroll at work)
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I ended up purchasing the Shure se112 and am very happy with them so far.
Good balanced sound, clear and good detail w/iPhone control. All for $75 @ Moog.

I was looking at spending a little more on the se215 but couldnt get down with that cable wrap around. I wish they had a normal version.

I checked out the Momentums but found the high end a bit harsh. Although the fit was nice and the rest of the sound was nice.

Bernnie Federko

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Someone swiped my sennheisers from the office kitchenette, so I went shopping and ended up with the Beyerdynamic MMX 102.

So far, so good