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Recommend a Real Estate Agent in Toronto West?


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Heya... cristal and I are in the 'thinking about it seriously' stage of next home buying. We already have a nice three bedroom house but we need to move to a four bedroom house, we're finding.. Growing family and all.

We like the area we're in (Little Portugal-Junction-Roncy) so I think we'd like to concentrate our efforts around that area.

Does anyone here have a lead on a Real Estate agent who knows that area... someone you know personally or have had a good experience with? The last agent we used has since retired so we can't use her.

Thanks for your help...


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Evelyn Truty - Sadie Moranis Realty - 416-449-2020

She found us our house 3 years ago, we managed to get it for under asking, which at the time, I considered an amazing feat. We recommended her to 2 separate friends who were both looking for condos and were unhappy with their agents. They both ended up buying houses in your neighbourhood and were very happy with evelyn.


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matt and ben, they helped me find my home and spent months helping me look, the process was easy and they were very reliable.

email: info@
phone: 416-699-9292