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Recommend a mechanic...

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Im also up for good and trustworthy suggestions, ideally in the west end.

I've been going to Master Mechanic at Howard Park/Dundas West since having a bad experience with some independent place right by my house, and they've treated me well and seem very trustworthy, but their prices aren't the best by any means so given the work I need done (control arm) Im looking for other options.
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Catel Auto
183 Weston Rd
(647) 435-0033

by referral - tell him Hamish sent you...

Been taking my cars to him for almost 20 years, great guy, knows his stuff, doesn't over charge, very fair pricing on labour and parts.


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The guy at the corner of Sorauren and queen does a good job. That's where I go if I don't just do it myself.

Also, for SAAB the best mechanic hands down is beacon motors


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any good recommendation for a mechanic in the east end? I need to get a new rear bumper for our 2009 Matrix :( and don't want to go through Toyota.



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for any body work, i highly rec the prochilio brothers. The have two east-end and one west-end location, and are most likely already prefered shop with your insurance.

Prochilo Bro. Auto Collision - Contact
Just down the street in the East End at 310 Greenwood is Express Auto Collision Ltd. 416-465-2316. I used them recently and was happy with them. The work was great and well-priced. They even ordered a part, quoted me on it and then ended up getting it cheaper. They could have just kept that quiet but they told me and charged the new, lower price.
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Sorry, that's Gerry and Sons, lol.

8 hrs of labour, $1800 bill and they couldn't be bothered to change a $90 gasket and now they have to redo the work.