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Recommend a good power supply and fan


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I'm sick of my computer sounding like its a plane preparing for take off - going to get a new fan and power supply for it and see if that can help fix the problem, whats a good one, and one that runs fairly quietly?
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Agreed on Zalman. I have the CNPS7700, works great and is super quiet. Only cost around $40-50 as far as I can recall...

As for power supplies, I have an Antec case (Sonata) and it included a low noise (single fan) True Power PSU. Between the Antec PSU (plus the Antec case fan) and Zalman CPU fan my system runs near silent...


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I picked up this case a while back

it has some kind of wierd ducting system inside it that baffles the sound of the PC fan without obstructing airflow. The computer literally makes no sound with the stock AMD fan. Now, that of course is negated by the computer i put beside it that sounds like the bering sea, but yeah, the sonata case is pretty awesome.
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Well, I dont want 100% total silence. Well, it'd be nice - just dont have the money to spend on it.

But right now, I have my music turned upto a reasonable volume, and I can still hear my computer across the apartment overtop of the music, its fucken retarted.

Even in my bedroom with the door closed my computer is so loud that I need to turn it off so I can sleep - its just retarted loud.


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You need to make sure which fan the noise is coming from.

Is it from the power supply at the back of the case or from the fan that sits on top of the computer chip - the CPU?