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Recomended Hardware for Custom Built Server


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Hey all,

I always build my own machines and now I need to build a server for my Biz but I haven't built a new machine from scratch in about 3 years so I'm totally out of date on what's good. Can someone recomend a good starter config for a semi serious server.

I'm thinking Dual-Core AMD Opteron and from there I'm not sure where to go. I would prefer hardware RAID1 - with 2 400 gig SATA drives, 2 gigs ram and a decent case that won't take up a whole room. It doesn't need to be rack mountable or anything. In fact rack mountable is kinda retarded at this point.

I would prefer a server oriented Mobo preferable without 900 integrated things that are just going to have to be turned off.

I also can't decide if I should just install XP on it or go with 2000 or 2003 server. The primary purpose of the machine will be dev test box / web server / svn server / ftp server and a couple other apps. There's only 3 of us so we don't need Active Directory or the crazy Outlook server.

I've looked at Dell and Sun server systems and they all seem way too expensive for the amount of gear you get inside it.