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recomend a good couples resort


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I am looking for a nice resort within 200 klm's of Newmarket.
it's for my parents.

it should be nice, have things like fireplaces, spas or whatever.
and good food.

nothing in cities either please. more country-ish would be nice.

*i have tried looking online, but i'd rather follow some suggestions for places that people say are good, rather than just take the resort's word for it.

thank you.


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Try one of the inns under Ontario's Finest Inns:


We stayed at Inn on The Twenty in Jordan (Niagara) and it was lovely. They have an on-site winery, fabulous restaurant (we did an amazing tasting menu dinner) Our suite had a huge bathroom with jacuzzi, we had a fireplace, sitting area etc. There's a spa there, too.

I'm not sure if that's within 200 km of Newmarket - if not, the website will have several inns under the inkeepers' group that are closer.

Inn on the twenty:
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If they golf, I'd recommend either The Sherwood Inn or Rocky Crest on Lake Joe or Taboo on Muskoka.

If they aren't into golf, I'd recommend Langdon Hall or Inn on the 20. Langdon Hall has a great kitchen, hiking trails and gardens (Near Cambridge). The Inn on the 20 is owned by a winery (forget which one) and has a great restaurant as well. (Niagra region - Jordan)