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Recoil - Sound Test Volume 2 - hardcore jungle / darkside - 3 deck mix


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I've done this three turntable mix. '93 darkside / hardcore jungle / jungle techno.. including some sick new gems from Tim Reaper forthcoming on Parallax Recordings. Hope you enjoy! :cool:

Defender – Bass – Gyroscope Records
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (The Remix) – Slammin' Vinyl
FX – No Darkness – Myor Massiv
Dillinja – “Dillinja EP” - A2 - untitled - Tough Toonz
Tim Reaper – Dead and Buried – forthcoming on Parallax Recordings
Kaotic Chemistry – Drum Trip (Tim Reaper remix 2) - unreleased
Legal Offense – Burning – Deep Seven
The Foot Soldier – See What Happens Now – Blipton Factor Wreckords
On 1 Crew – Bad Dreams (Tim Reaper remix) - forthcoming on Parallax Recordings
Fast Floor – Plight Of The Innovators – Smooth Recordings
Tango – Future Followers – Formation Records
Tim Reaper - Journey To The Moon – forthcoming on Parallax Recordings
Wax Doctor – The Stalker – Basement Records
Mega 2 – untitled – F-Project
Kev Bird and the Wax Doctor – On A Roll – Basement Records
Chaos & Julia Set – Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix) – Recoil Records

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