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Recoil - Junglizm Mix Series - May 2015 *new ragga jungle*


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I'm part of Junglizm Crew - some serious long-time DJs based in Los Angeles. Every month one of the crew's mixes gets featured, so this is mine.

Mixed on Tech 12s with Traktor Scratch Pro control vinyl + a Pioneer CDJ-800. There's a couple sloppy parts, but overall proper ruff tunes.

Hope you enjoy it! :cool:


Bay B Kane special – “DJ Recoil jungle style”
16AJ – “Recoil dub 2” (dub)
16AJ– Informer (dub)
16AJ– Badboy Business (Illegal Records)
16AJ- It's Just Jungle (Illegal Records)
Kid Lib – I Know You (mix3) (dub)
16AJ- Big Sound Play (Illegal Records)
16AJ – All Jump On Sound Boy (forthcoming on Hibiki Records)
Kid Lib - Big Mouth (dub)
16AJ – Coppershot (forthcoming on Sound So Fierce)
Terror Fabulous - Gangster's Anthem – 16AJ remix (dub)
16AJ – Kill For Fun (dub)

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