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Recoil guest mix for XTC Nottingham on Kemet FM - 94/95 ragga jungle


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I did another guest mix for XTC Nottingham's show on Kemet FM in the UK. Oldskool jungle on three turntables - all original plates.
Lotsa ragga, soul/RnB and all that good stuff. Hope you enjoy.


The Gambino Family - untitled - Gambino
Jay Parkes and Tone-E-G - untitled - Pin High Records
Chatta B. – Journey Into Sound – Redskin Records
Prizna feat. Junior Demus – No Man No Bad (Ruff Nek mix) - K.U.S.
Umbrella Crew – Kuf – Do Or Die Records
De Good, De Bad & De Ugly – Everything (remix)
Studio One – To The Rescue – Jungle Mania
Waterproof Vol. 1 - Waterproof
Ain't Armand – untitled – not on label
New Blood (with Tek 9) - Untitled - London Some'ting
Frankie Paul & Buju Banton – Bring Yu Body (Tom & Jerry remix)
Brandy - I Wanna Be Down remix - white label
Bass Master Warriors – Living In The Hood – Big G Records
Doctor Jay & Rush Puppy – Respect – Firm Handed
New Blood – Worries In The Dance – London Some'ting
Da Maytrix - Let Me Know - Kute Kutz
Red Light - Sensi – Red Light (tease)

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