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Recoil - 3 turntable mix for Junglizm Mix Series (jungle jungle)


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I'm part of a crew called Junglizm based in Los Angeles and we do a monthly series of mixes. This is my second mix for the series - remixes of old classics, forthcoming releases and brand new dubs. Enjoy!


Gareth Monks – Stay in the jungle *free DL*
Dextrous - Rapid (Dwarde remix)
Exodus Sound – Murder Ya Sound
Time Travel – Balance (forthcoming on Ruff Guidance)
Kid Lib – Problem *dub*
RufKraft – Ima Adikt - “Dope Plate EP” - Ill Eagle Records
Mighty Dreadnaut – Real Soundkilla *dubplate*
16AJ – Idiot Soundboy ft Cocoa Tea
Time Travel – Man & Machine (forthcoming on Ruff Guidance)
Kid Lib – Just Glow *dub*
DJ Gunshot – Regulators (Default remix)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Gareth Monks remake)
FBD Project - The Core (DSP remix) *forthcoming on Bang-In Tunes*
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