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Recipe For You

Sukebe Jiji

TRIBE Promoter
This thread might be fun, at least I hope so...

If you could write a recipe for yourself using a variety of characters from TV shows what would it be? It can be wishful, or realistic..or both

For me, maybe something like this:

2 Cups Magnum PI (Tom Selleck Magnum PI)
4 Parts Mitch Bucchanan (David Hasslehoff Baywatch)
1 tbspn MacGuyver (the MacGuyver guy)
A sprinkle of Tony Macelli (Tony Danza Who's the Boss)
A pinch of Zach Morris (Saved by the Bell)
and last
a dash of Webster (the short dude from Webster - just enough so that I too could have a grandfather clock with a secret passage behind it)