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Recent house editions

Jeremy Jive

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Nevermore (Andy Caldwell rework) - Owusu & Green - Naked
(A whole new sound for Naked and it's killer. Nice and drummy)

Keep Hoping (Andy Caldwell mix) - Amma - InSpiritMusic promo
(Deep hard bassline with a killer bass guitar funk on top)

Invisible - Monkey Brothers - Papa Recordings
(so good, so tastey)

Soundtrack to the soul - Kaskade - OM
(a decent follow up to It's You, It's Me)

Slowburning - Andrews & Edwards
(deep jazzy flow with chunk to it)

Rotation - Takayuki Higo - Siesta
(Now that is deep and delightful, ooooooh yeah)

Longform - Desmet & diesel - Siesta
(good to see these two leaving their own label and reworking the siesta sound, as always they never disappoint)

Peace Love Harmony - Clyde Built Project -DeepHouseNetwork promo
(funk chunk and no bunk, you guys are gonna love this when it comes out)

Life - Onionz,Master D, Tony, Halo - Siesta
(An oldy but a goodie, if you love filtered driving sound this is the shit)

Never As Good As The First Time - Sade - White label
(Her vocals are just perfect for remixing, this one is almost as good as the Vench remix)

Mr. Dobalina - Mr. D - white label
(I love my hip hop remixs and this could be the best one ever)

For Those Who Like To Get Down - Marques Watt - OM promo
(sometimes even gold can arrive in the mail, thank you to the OM gods for this driving gem)

Thats Fa Real - Black Market - Grab
(Sometimes Grab recs impresses me and sometimes I couldn't care, this one is fabulous)

jeremy -new CD coming soon- jive
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Mad Ox “The G Tools Vol. 2” (Mantra Breaks)
Agoria “Sky is Clear/Kofea” Pias
Antoine Claraman “Universe EP Part 3” (Fine Tune)
Tony Thomas “Furry Funk EP” Skyline

Nuff said


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is that the one with the agoria remix...if so I've had it on CDR for a while is it on end rec? I wanna get just that single on wax not in a double pack
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light pack this week but

Mood 2 swing -can't get away
freeks - the creeps (steve bug mix)
ella fitzgerald - angel eyes (Layo and bushwacka mix)

more next week:D


Smiley Jo

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Originally posted by Eclipze
donald glaude- get up (moonshine red)

bah it was a slow week for me

Dude! That counts for like three at least... :D



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i saw ian buying sum moonshine blue at playde the other day.
i just bought that Glaude "Get Up" today. I dun work much anymore so im really picky with what i buy..