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reasonable downtown hotels?

feisty boy

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and non sketchy... my parents are coming to the city, and want me to hook them up with a reasonable hotel downtown...

little help?
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I think the place is called Hotel Victoria or something to that effect. Yonge St. right near the Marche, or maybe 1 block up.

There's also a place on Bay St. near Bloor that has efficiency units that are very reasonable. Sorry, can't recall the name of the place.


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my friend recently stayed at the days inn at carlton and yonge, beside maple leaf gardens, and payed $99 a night and that included breakfast for two.................

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I stayed at the Comfort Suites Hotel... Dundas and Jarvis, for $79 a night recently. That was a Queen Suze Bed, with Couch, Tv, etc.

To get those prices you have to order online. I used Destina.ca


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There are some great hotel specials on right now. Most of the ones below are at least 4 star hotels:

Le Royal Meridian King Edward Hotel - 139.00/night

Intercontinental Toronto (Yorkville) - 119.00/night

Hilton Toronto (Richmond & University) - 119.00/night

Metropolitan (Bay & Dundas) - 119.00/night

Courtyard Marriott (Yonge & College) - 109.00/night

These rates are available through Tourism Toronto. PM me if you want a number to call.

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Sam do you know how long those rates are good for?

I have a guest coming from out of town in April and I'll need a hotel for about three nights.

BTW, stayed at the Courtyard Marriott on NYE, all night I could hear people walking/talking in the halls and other rooms.


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the Victoria Hotel on Yonge at King charges $99 a night with breakfast

we've had a few clients stay there and they were pleased with it