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Reason stuff

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Can you download a VST program and use it in Reason 2.5?

if so, how the heck do you do it?


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Just rewire reason into any sequencer that supports rewire (Cubase is one to name a few ) then well in cubase load a VST instrument...............I believe this is to be true;)

But again i dont use reason:D
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no they aren't.

from the propellerheads website, the developer
says that they don't want to be just a another
"copy" program.

so, they are trying to think of some new dif't
approach to incorporating VSTs.

they really feel they were thinking "outside the
box" with Reason and they want to have that
same feeling when they come up with WHATEVER
for VST support.

so, i guess that's actually a yes. they are
apparently brainstorming VST ideas. But
nothing definite in the near future.


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I would concur with Mike (as, for some reason, I usually do) on the Sonar tip.

I think I've said it before, that I hate Cakewalk, but I'll be darned if Sonar didn't change my mind.

Simple - Intuitive - Flexible

A good PC alternative.

(me, personally, I've switched from Cubase to Digital Performer)
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Originally posted by Mike Richards
If you want to get as close to the 'feel' (for lack of a better term) of reason as possible try Sonar 3 Producers edition

Dont you mean Project 5?
Sonar is nothing like reason:confused:


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Originally posted by lok
Can you import independant synths into reason2.5?

if not, im back at square one :mad:

explain exactly what you want to do. I think what you need to have done is possible but more info is needed.


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why import a synth into reason when you can just play any vsti through cubase or logic or whatever and run your reason project through rewire ??
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^^^ haha :) I know how you feel.

I got to work with P5 pre-release for a while and liked 99% of it. But somewhere back in my mind, was that nagging suspicion that there was that %1 that no matter how long I tried to wrap my head around it...I'd just never get :D

I still heartily recommend that anyone looking for an alternative to Reason (it beats Reason in some departments, hands down) gives P5 a college try.

(I have no real clue what that saying...college try...actually means, but it seemed appropriate...)