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rear projection tv help

Mrs. Pink

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i just bought a cheap 40 inch rear projection tv, needs some work.....got it for a smile pretty much....

now the picture is a bit snowy.....anyway to fix this problem without paying out an arm and a leg for a new lamp?



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junglisthead said:
is the picture snowy, just watching cable tv?

or is it happening when watching a dvd,also ?
i think he might be trying to find out if your cable signal is weak. maybe try adding a booster to your line and see if that helps.

Mrs. Pink said:
just snowy when watching cable tv....
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well if its only when watching cable then, it is probably your hookup

you might need new wires hooking up the cable to the tv, that or the hookup inserts for cable on the back of the tv might be loose

but usually go the cheaper route first, and try new wires

Mrs. Pink

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i just changed the hook up from cable to rca, and it did the trick, pic is great, thanks guys....what a steal....lol....
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