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really stupid photoshop question


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ummmm. I'm so used to illustrator now, I can't find the "no fill" option using the pen tool on photoshop 7.0.

Can someone help me? perhaps asap?

I have no idea why i can't see it..


yaa, lack of sleep.
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are you simply trying to create a path? If so, click the pen tool, then click the window that shows your layers, click the PATH TAB, then click NEW PATH (the new page logo at the bottom of that mini window).

Anchors away!!

TaCk OnE?

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yah, depends what version of photoshop you're using, but anything 6+ uses the pen tool to create paths, and vector shape areas.

click the pen tool in the tool palette, and then along the top tool bar on the far right there are three options....path, vector shape object, and a third that won't be active.
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thanks guys. I'm going to try and suggest what you all said, a little later because 1) my eyes are bleeding from being on the computer all dayy ahhhhh 2) my beautiful pc is crapping on me.


TaCk OnE?

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if the pen tool is filling in colour in photoshop, the problem is that it's set to shape mode, rather than path mode.

like I said, along the top bar you can switch it over...there is no such thing as no fill in photoshop like there is in illustrator.

check it.