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Real Recorder recording tips?

I'm trying to do a bit more recording from various websources on various mixes (particularly the Essential Mixes) and am wondering if there are any tips anyone might have that will maybe help on giving me the best possible recording sound possible.

For example - how much does the recording level affect things? What would be a suitable level to set it at? Should I just put it to the max?

Please and thanks
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Audio Wraith

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Not sure what you're doing exactly, but for recording purposes (as a general rule of thumb) you want to hit 0dB and not go over) Better to leave yourself some headroom and keep things out of the red, depending on the s/n ratios of your equipment. (ie: Shitty cheap gear (ie: American DJ) will distort earlier and yield less audio quality than more expensive better stuff (ie: A&H))
Hope this helps.


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What program would you recommend to record from a live stream. I think there was a thread on this the other day, but it's Sunday and I'm lazy.

So if I wanted to dload straight from, say, a live to air, what would I use.

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