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REAL chinese food with MOFO


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It happened a while ago that I was working in Tianjin, China.

The thing I really wanted was that guy, who could speak English and some variant of chinese......

Oh he was so cute...

me> "Take me to a real Chinese restaurant."
"Adam"> "I'm not sure if you'd like it.?"

So he took me somewhere and of course I could NOT read anything on the menu. So I asked "Adam" for suggestions.

When we sat down, they ripped a layer of plastic off the table. The trash went onto the floor, with the previous trash. I used the washroom, there was a pile of paper and feces about 1m tall circumnavigating a hole in the floor.

On my return there was a great presentation of hot oil, red chillies, and fish. Absofuckingly delicious.

I told "Adam" how tasty it was and how unusual it was for me as a Canadian. We went to a frigate and I kissed him deeply. I am certain he enjoyed that.

And ever since I have been looking for real Chinese food; not the stir fry crap that you get on every corner.

So, MoFo told me about "Dumpling Queen" at Yonge and Charles.

Do you know of a more authentic Chinese place? I don't need the boy, I just need the oil and fish and chillies.

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