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Reaktor Help Please... I'm stuck

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Well I have loaded all my music HD's into my New Dual Core CPU, and I have loaded up one of my tracks that I was working on, (found all the samples manually b/c the drive letters were wrong, so I had to search for the samples in that song), That's not the problem though...

I have reaktor working fine, except im not getting any CC's to work. My automation is exactly the same as is was before I switched the new cpu. My filter Automation on Carbon (Reaktor Synth) is set to CC#122, And so is the Automation in Cubase on the Automation track for my Bassline... But it's not controlling it at all... all my CC's are assigned properly but no movement...

So I'm stuck... Anyone tell me what I have done wrong... ?

hit me up...