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Read this! Advertising your new release on TRIBE

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Ad Rates:

We have lots of different ad options to promote your new music release on TRIBE!

TRIBE is currently working closely with Google to test specialized ad serving software for online communities. Because of this, we have a huge amount of control and flexibility as to how ads are served on the site. Ads you buy are served by Google servers: they count the ads and produce reports as to how many of your ads are served into TRIBE so you have third-party confirmation of your ad campaign.

Rates for a 300x250 pixel box ad on TRIBE are $7 per thousand.
Registered TRIBE-members see this ad "in content", just above the quick reply box. Non-TRIBE-members see this ad "above the fold", just below the navbar. This is the largest and most visible ad slot on TRIBE.

Rates for a tip of page 728x90 pixel leaderboard are $10 per thousand. This ad is at the very top of the page next to the TRIBE logo masthead. Both members and non-members will see this ad in the same position.

I recommend you decide what you want to spend, contact me editor@tribe.ca, and what we'll do is serve that many thousand ads into TRIBE for your new music release.

  • We can serve them only into the jungle forum for example, so your ad dollars will go very far.
  • We can target any city or country you want.
  • We can serve your ads evenly over a period of time you select (over a period of a month for example).
  • Ads can be linked to go to your site when clicked or any site you choose (like a beatport or itunes purchase URL for example).

Ad Unit Specs:
300 x 250 GIF/JPEG maximum file size 20K
300 x 250 Rich Media maximum file size 25K
728 x 90 GIF/JPEG maximum file size 25K
728 x 90 Rich Media maximum file size 30K

Contact me today!

Thanks for being a part of TRIBE,
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