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RE-UP >>> "Take Your Pills" and "OK, I Took The Pills"

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Baters, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Baters

    Baters TRIBE Member

    To celebrate the monumental inclusion of Soundcloud tags, links to two sets now here:

    Take Your Pills
    1. Intro: El P - Tasmanian Pain Coaster
    2. Sebastian Leger – Take Your Pills
    3. Rekorder – 1.1
    4. Seph – Laberintos
    5. Laurent Garnier – Flashback
    6. Fraktion - Nebokki
    7. Frank Martiniq – Use Fuse
    8. Gaiser – Scatter
    9. Chymera - Xcela
    10. Rekorder – 8.1
    11. Booka Shade – Panoramic (Get Physical)
    12. Tahiti 80 – Big Day
    13. El...ektrochemie – Vexed
    14. Chido Whey - Der Drtitte Raum
    15. Chymera - So Now It Ends
    16. John Tejada - The End Of It All
    17, Chymera - Descent –(Nicholas Bacher Remix)

    OK I Took the Pills - Now What? (live)
    Comtron – The Joke Is On You (Intro)
    Sascha Funke – Mango
    Stephen Bodzin – Meteor
    Alex Young and Artech – Minimalesk
    Julien Parise – Astronots
    Gui Boratto - Like You (Supermayer Mix)
    Julien Parise - Bloc Appolo
    Gow – Nipperkin Noodle
    Extrawelt – Fernweh
    Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get Complicated
    Deadmau5 - Alone With You (Deadmau5 vs Adam Marshall Mix)
    Gui Boratto - Arquipelago
    Zoo Brazil – Face
    Bruce Campbell (Outro)
  2. Schlectron

    Schlectron TRIBE Member

    you took a huge risk posting that here, it looks like you have earned some fans, myself included
  3. Baters

    Baters TRIBE Member


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