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Re: Danny Howells at Breathe


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How was he?

I'm sitting here at home nearly in tears at the fact that I was unable to go.

Someone please make me feel happy and tell me just *how* crap he was.

Jay K.


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I. on the other hand, am wishing he was so good, system would bring him back next week! Oh shit! no! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck! I'm still pissed I'm still missing it.

Hope every lucky bastard had a kickass time. (I now hate you all). Peace,



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The music was immensly entertaining and so was the company! I met so many people from the Tribe board at System tonight it was incredible!!! I won't even try to name them all but you ALL know who you are

I love you all and Steve (Viceroy) is so incredible. This is one guy that I can honestly say was 100% there for the music... he didn't stop all night.

it was an amazing night at Breathe and I am so glad I met as many of the TBK as I did.... pictures will be posted sooner than later (I hope

that's all for now... g'nite...

take care.

oh so tired.


What a wicked night!
Danny Howells played THE BEST set I've seen in a while. I saw digweed at twilo a few weeks ago and that didn't compare to Danny Howells set last night. Pure Genius!

Respect to Mike greco for bringing in such a talented DJ/producer, just please bring him back! and Chris Fortier to!
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What a NIGHT!!! First of all, I have to give a big UP to Moez, you just freakin rock

My big bro and all his friends from Chicago came up for their march break. They are used to dancing in a circle and obviously a different dance style...so it was funny to watch them, but they had the time of their lives!
Danny Howells was amazing, what a wikkid set....WOW!!!
I wish I had searched around to meet some of you there
oh well...I was the tall chick with the white blond and copper streaks with the one shoulder top! Maybe next time!
Happy St.Patty's Day!


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That was the most relentless set of progressive music I have ever heard. From the moment I walked in the door @ 1am the music was pounding right till the very end. In-fucking-credible.


you and Moez r amazing!

time for sleep.

Peace & love. D


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Wot a nite..

I never get disappointed at Breathe..
and last night was no exception.

Toon of the nite: the progressive mix of Hide U, buck I went.

<------ Avid breathe afficianado



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Spur of the moment night, and a stellar one at that! After not making the guestlist in time and dishing out and arm and a leg at the door (only because i'm broke it seemed that way), Robotis and I stepped in and got rescued by MikeTwisted who hooked us up with some drink tix - much respect and many thanks for that Mike!!! And of course for brining in Danny, whom I wasn't too familiar with, but who blew me d'fuk away with his pounding, darker side of progressive. The remix of Hide You was definitely the highlight, but the rest of the set was masterly built from start to finish. Danny looked like he was having lots of fun, and courtesy to that new dj booth window his connection with the floor was evident all through out his performance - 'cause that's what that was! A damn good performance, not just another progressive set.

Of course having tons of friends around always helps the atmosphere, so without an excessive listing - thanks y'all for being there!!!

Another Breathe-ing success!!!
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girl friday

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My body hates me right now cause I made it dance all night long and then hauled it outta bed this morning for soccer practice. But I don't care cause last night was totally worth the pain I'm feelin right now. What an amazing night, as it always seems to be at Breathe. I could NOT stop dancing. If anyone saw me i was the girl in the bright yellow tank top practically making out with the front right speaker during Danny's set. AT-AT I think you're the only person there who paid to get in, that guest list line is always huge, probably why drinks are so expensive, they're not making any money on cover.

The recovery continues


It's 9:30pm Saturday, and I *just* got up...and the pain I felt before I crashed out this afternoon was totally worth what I got out of last night. Was that not one of the most consistently good sets Toronto has seen in a while or what?

The beats were completely relentless. I hadn't eaten *anything* since 10am friday and I was just super tired and outta energy, but Howells music took over that part of my brain that would tell me to shut down functions like dancing. I didn't stop moving for 7 hours, and Lisa and I closed up the house, with pleas for '1 more, 1 more'. We got 1+1 extra, and everyone was all smiles for it.

Maybe weirdest of all was running into a couple of old university friends - Nargis and Boris, and seeing a dude I saw at a club in Germany last summer.

I met a lot of Tribe people, mostly through Lisa, so word to each of you; I was the little guy at the front near the end, with black shirt, short hair, and grey pants.

Thanks Lisa for helping me implant the funky beats of "what the fuck?" in my head for good.
And Malia, you are one *car-azay* chick! You could power a small nation with your energy level.

Cheers all;

girl friday

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2"> And Malia, you are one *car-azay* chick! You could power a small nation with your energy level.

good music seems to have that effect on me


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i think i met you last night (i'm heather's friend).

i have to agree about the energy comment- i was having an off-night and couldn't keep up to save my life.
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girl friday

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by lift:

i think i met you last night (i'm heather's friend).

If you're heather's friend then we probably did meet, what's you're name?


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Wow...what a night. Progressive at it's best! Howells played one of the best sets I have seen this year...top 3 easily. It was great to see everyone there. Moez
You make going to TO even more fun, I can't wait to see you again. I hope you had a good b-day Pete...you deserve it. Alchemy, thanks for the record!
I just got back from playing it out, and then giving it away to a friend...it made his night, and mine as well!

Thanks Breathe!
Is it me or does the music at system just keep getting better and better?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by girl friday:
If you're heather's friend then we probably did meet, what's you're name?


we met in the ilc beforehand...

Metal Morphosis

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Dear God and Good Christ.

It's Sunday.......
I'm still in Awe.

Definitely the best music i've ever heard at Breathe; Danny's set supersedes previously favorite Breathe sets:
Mauro Picotto and Hybrid.
So good in fact that i'll say the set was one of my top 5 of ALL TIME.

The Creamer remix of Love in Traffic that he dropped at the end blew me away - perfect ending to the night as that track is a personal fav at the moment.

Thank you to everyone for making it such a great night. As usual I did almost as much talking as dancing.

Mike Greco - you are my hero. Thank you thank you thank you

I don't think i can go out anymore... the nights just won't compare... unless of course, danny howells is in town.


Metal Morphosis

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I forgot to add that Mark Scaife also had a fantastic night. Seemed to play a lot harder than usual which was fine by me. It was the perfect warm up for Danny's set.
Well Done Mark.

AND - it was so nice to see you shakin' your booty on the dance floor Mark. Gotta love it.

we'll miss you this Friday at Breathe.

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girl friday

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Hey Dave, I figured it was you a while ago, the, "I think I met you last night" part kind of threw me off.
Too bad you were low on energy, you have to come out with us again.

Lisa, you are sooo impressive one of these day's I swear I'm going to stay longer than you do...CHALLENGE!!!
I was left Breathe-less (shitty wordplay, I know).

I actually had the best of both worlds, but I was absolutely floored by Danny Howells' track selection, crossing of genres and energy that he transmitted like the most powerful radio tower in the world. Dropping that Star 69 remix got me back on the dancefloor and re-energized me countless times (leaving 45 minutes after the time Creme, Coleridge and I had stated several times we were going to leave). Abso-fucking-lutely spectacular night and this simply re-inforces my dedication to the Breathe nights.

Miketwisted delivers another amazing night that competes with the Hybrid night as one of the best nights I've been to in quite some time.

Thanks also to the TRIBE Board crew who were out in solid strength. Your encouragement and support is always appreciated. I just hope I can return the favor to each and every one of you in turn.

Minister of great Fridays



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I am still in awe of Friday night. That was by far one of the best nights out I've had all year, and one of the best sets I've ever heard. Danny Howells had me dancing my heart out the whole time he spun, pure genius.. he kept on raising the energy level higher and higher, he was bouncing around in the dj booth with the biggest smile of anyone. The music was progressive, funky, hard, and brilliant, I expected an awesome night but nothing that good! Along with the energy level of everyone in the club it made for a night to remember!

Thanks for driving Steve, always a fun time!!


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Best set yet at Breathe.


Amazing programming. He's such a master of stretching the crowd out at one level before he takes it up a notch. From smooth house and the beginning through to pounding techno into soulfull prog. Incredible stuff.

Track of the night for me was the new X-Press2 record Muzickism.

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