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Re: a new Digweed CD?


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I was reading something on http://www.xpander.nl yesterday, wherein it was mentioned that Digweed has done a new mixed CD. Has anyone heard any information regarding this CD, and do you know if this is a new GU compilation, or that movie soundtrack he is apparently working on? As well, might anyone have heard anything regarding a possible release date (whatever this CD might be)? One way or another, I'm interested in any information that might help to clarify things a little. Thanks.


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Ok, sorry.

To answer part of my own question, the article mentioned above says that the mix album is to be released in about six weeks or so. Of course, this could be six weeks until the European release, with the North American one coming a little later on (as it seems to work that way for some reason), but yeah. Six weeks. I'm looking forward to it.


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most interesting part....

To scoop you just a little bit, expect history to take a turn or two...

....could we be hearing something a lil different next week? interesting
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