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ravin up ATM's H20

Mark McC

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how wicked was this party?!

DJ X blew up the champion oldskool sound. Bring that "Terminator" anytime, selekta! Ins't it a sacrilege to fade out "Trip II the moon" too quickly? It's all about the breakbeats, basslines, vamps, raps, stabs & riffs!

SUBSONIC CHRONIC vs. BEAKER show us the peerlessness with which our locals interpet all types of ill import sounds, distilling the essence of their vibe and doing it right to our earholes.

It should go without saying that this also goes for the love-and-punk-rock mash-up of ANABOLIC FROLIC vs. FRISKY. With talent like this who needs import headliners?

That being said, S4 vs. DJ ADAM's acid techno onslaught tore the roof off the mother. Pure martial panic!

Too bad we had to leave after that. (One of us works this morning. Which is why I get the dubious honour of posting H2O's first review, when I'd much rather still be shocking out large on the tight vibe of its up-for-it and nicely diversified massive.)

Props to the promotional A-Team for restoring my faith in everything.

-the doctor is [CRASHING NOW]

Mark McC

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... and though I take vicarious comfort in a '93 Ellis Dee mix, I can't help but wonder how laced a blotter *that* set will be; but maybe I don't want to know, I might weep ...

-the doctor is [NOT SEEING ELLIS DEE]

feisty boy

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nice set beaker and subsonic! one of the highlights of the night (there weren't many)

lab4 was one of the greatest musical experiences i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing - pure mayhem. outstanding.

i had fun watching ellis dee spin his handful of dubplates (the only records that DIDN'T get stolen on his way here), and then a bunch of sound problems went down, and he finally gave up - hung his headphones around his neck, faded out one track, brought up the next - he was laughing throughout, but what a brutal night for him. and mampi seemed none too impressed coming on after him. couldn't blame them, given the setup and lack of crowd in that room. my bedroom looks more impressive than that jungle room did!

i won't go into details, but i was none too impressed with the production of this event.


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nice surprise of the night: AT-AT and Otis spinning killer hard tech house grooves, with just the right amount of dark trance!



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my back hurts from jumping and headbanging, THE BEST LIVE P.A. EVUR!!! except it was too short...

nuff' said.

apologies going out to the rowdy punters screaming for one more when our (mine and Otis') set got prematurely terminated!

once again, thanks to Chris and Rob for the hook up!!!!
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sorry that we had to shut down the breaks room early and the same for cutting off Otis and AT AT in the middle of their wikked set...
nothing could be done...the cops made up their mind based on the fact that luxor decided that 15 pay duties was too much...as it was...
Feisty boy: as the promoter of this party, I'm quite interested to hear your feedback about why our production was SO unimpressive...please do tell...

Astroboy out...


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Well, I had a great fucking time all night!

The only thing that sucked about the party was the security. Its great when they try and kick you out for filling your water bottle. I got into a shouting match with one of them.

Other then that....the production was wikkid....had a great time...saw some people I havent seen in a while.....

Overall a great event. I jsut wish I could have bitched at the security guard a little bit longer. But its great when they start threatening you as you are walking out the building.

Ah well....


Musical Rush

TRIBE Member
All I have to say is what a FUCKIN birthday party for me.Lab 4 is the best live P.A by far that I have heard so far in Toronto.Those guys are just insane I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!Memorys of Ultra Sonic at Destiny way back in the day came to mind during there set.That venue is one of the best that I have been to SOOOOOOOOOO trippy.I didn't even bother going into the other room the vibe was in the main room all night.Like I said in the other thread ,Why couldn't they be on for 2 hours,I told you it would feel like a short set(Lab 4 i'm speaking of )You have to get them back soon OMG, and after there set I was able to get my picture taken with them.WOOOO HOOO poster size in the making
For the guy that said ***Why even bring in HHC dj's from the UK??***I agree 100% all I heard were the same songs Frisky and Anabolic played earlier..So why waste your money??Well it's break time from the scene PHEW 8 weeks straight..Next up Purple Heaven to see Miss.THUNDERPUSSY...damn I just go cus of the name ..Makes me wonder how she got that dj name ?HMMMMMMMMMMM


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OMG LAB 4!!!

How sweet it is!

These guys were simply mind blowing!!!
Not only was the music top notch but these two had energy!
Nothing makes a set more then when the preformers are jumping and screaming on stage. SWEET.

Stompy and D'skys! SWEET AS WELL
I thought they would be playing a lot of new stuff (they have both recently started their own labels I believe) but they played a lot of classics and cheese!
I love it!

Czech was wicked as wekk despite the crazy heat in that room. Some wicked selections and scratching to beat!

Some bads (which most likely aren't even atms fault)

the price of booze!!!
that was nuts!

the bar area and one of the side seating area was closed down super early...
just wondering why

as astroboy already said the 2nd room got shut down which is a shame as I ws looking forward to seeing robb g

sketchy people

everyone went to the beach after, but seeing how i have a ultimate tourney in oh half an hour a couldnt go, instead I took the SKETCHIEST bus ride home, woah it was cracked

the good

all the sets I heard were amazing!!!
definitly a night of great music

the decorations were sweeeeeeeeeeet!
nice job of those smokee crew

frisky and frolic played the original children of the night, i love your remix chris but the original is still special.

nice venue, despite is being a bit far there isn't a problem with luxor.
It's soo nice inside.

a lot of good friends, saw some old faces

i thought security was alright, thorough searches (im willing it wait the extra few minutes..)
(except for the one girl that wouldn't let Donny have any fun....)

ya good job atm crew


TRIBE Member
oh yea..

the good

partying with futronic kicks ass..
er I mean partying woth mr candy kicks ass!

you rule jay

the bad

when wannabe djs kick you in the chin...

just jokes mike!

Keith, Jay, Mike..
lets see those pics!
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These guys kicked my ass a THOUSAND times over...how fucking amazing was this live pa? Off the fucking WALL. One of the best sets I've seen, period. (Mike it was great having you with me for this! HOLY)

Holy fucking classic cheezy HHC! I was actually dancing to happy hardcore. Not even that..I was ENJOYING it too.... and to top it all off...totally sober? Wonh wonh!

I had the best fucking time at this party. SOO many great faces....soo much shit disturbing (pics will follow shortly i'm sure..
) ...pure jokes. Everything was so great.

Keith...you and me television show?
Hahaha too much trouble. POST THE PICS SOON!

And of course...the beach afterparty cru...soooo many fucking sketchy ass laughs, you guys are insane.

Best end to one of the best fucking weekends EVER.



For just four easy installments of $79.95...

feisty boy

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astroboy: i don't mean to be insulting your production team, or anything. i'm just nitpicky, because i had a crap night til lab4 came on.
the only thing i do feel justified in saying is that the jungle room was lamer than lame. way too quiet, no lighting (for what it's worth). the horrible sound problems that happened aren't your fault.
i'm just of the opinion that lights are SO cheap in the scale of a party, why don't people do it up more?
and i know it's about the music - i couldn't agree more - but then why could you hardly hear it in the jungle room?

and what's with security preventing people from bringing their water battles into the bathroom to refill them?????????????? that's bad news.

all said, lab4 will stand as the greatest live pa ever, among other things, and they made my night worthwhile.
and the main room looked and sounded sweet - just a lack of vibe, overall. not so much your guys' fault.


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The short of it: ATM delivers again

Stellar line up, venue and crowd.

The long of it:
Dj X never disappoints
What an amazing old school set. Haven't heard the likes of Isotonik, Foul Play etc in a while!

Kinetic: Never heard him until last night but I hope to hear him again. Heads High....

Ellis Dee: One of the best set of the night! Great track selection and mixing; once again reminding us that he's still here
JD did a really good intro too. Everyone was dancing and smiling; all was well

Mampi Swift: the set progressively improved from a rather bland first few tracks to a full blown HOO-RAH. Mampi he was in every way

This party brought together a lot of new and old faces. It's always great to see people you haven't seen in (literally) years. It was also nice to be in a clean, ventilated and decorated venue!



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Yea, it was an alright party, I did have some fun, but considering i payed $30 for my ticket to hear BREAKZ, i was truly dissapointed! Czech's set was wikkid only to come bak and find the room shut down! grrrrr........i know it's not ur fault but it's still very annoying!

I have been going thru RobbG withdrawl and was really really looking forward to a kick ass set from him, but again....SO dissapointed he couldn't spin!

Next ATM ur gonna have to have a sick-ass breakz line-up pleaze!!

Nice seeing everybody again last night, had a blast for a bit! Anywayz, I'm tired and must sleep.....I'll post more later!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by feisty boy:

the only thing i do feel justified in saying is that the jungle room was lamer than lame. way too quiet, no lighting (for what it's worth). the horrible sound problems that happened aren't your fault.
i'm just of the opinion that lights are SO cheap in the scale of a party, why don't people do it up more?
and i know it's about the music - i couldn't agree more - but then why could you hardly hear it in the jungle room?

and what's with security preventing people from bringing their water battles into the bathroom to refill them?????????????? that's bad news.
We did spend money on the sound and lighting, the sound problems were due to a clipping amp that just would not stay cool enough to run properly...next time we'll have a backuip amp as I have learned this time...

I also agree the "in house" security were rather retarded about people filling up their water bottles....they were actually complaining that it was happening cuz it was hurting their water sales...

oh well, I'm sure they made more off the bar than they anticipated
$7.50 for a rev, wtf???

Astroboy out...

ps. I don't care what anyone thinks, I say Mampi Swift played the sickest set I have heard in a while


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OMG I had such a wicked time last night!!! Lab 4 was awesome but unfortuately i couldn't stay for the full set since i had to see Czech!! I danced my ass off all night and was quite disappointed when it was time to leave! Looking forward to the next ATM!!

If only all parties were this good!!!



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Once again, Thanx Rob & Chris for throwing a wicked & original party.

I remember the Luxor being a tight venue so I kinda expected the problems with security/owner and I didn't let it bother me.

But I gotta say I love that venue.. it brought back so many memories and it was an honour to throw down tunes inside that place despite the premature ending of Mine & AT-AT's set right during the breakdown of a brand new Hibernate tune.

I hope that CD I threw out far int the crowd diddn't hit any unsuspecting partier.. I'll have to keep a check on my arm in future CD tossing events..

Thanx to everyone that made it out..
joey, Dan, Monsiur Tall, the Nicks, Peetah, Matt, Debbie & Loress.. and the extended Protocol family, Meehow, the Serr crew, Smurfette, & everybladdy!

Thanx again everyone!
See you at the next one!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Astroboy:
I'm sure they made more off the bar than they anticipated
$7.50 for a rev, wtf???

Shiiiit, what about the venue charging $10 for parking on somebody else's property???? WTF was that???? and $4 for unrefillable bottle of water???? The shit you gotta go through too hook up a fresh and exciting venue these days, eh Rob?

not like it really mattered in the end, maaan that was a sweet bash, like, really!!!!

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Lab 4 was the most amazing thing I have ever seen......this venue was awesome.....why did ya have to check your bag once it was already searched? that was a pain in the ass. Drinks @ $7 each..that was alittle crazy..Good thing I'm a cheap drunk

AT AT and Otis were amazing...next time put them on @ 2am so they don't get cut!!!! Other than all that.......BEST PARTY EVER!
when's the next one?

stereo mike

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alright, as far as i'm concerned this was the best party i've been sober at (i don't like to compare apples and oranges). i had the absolute shittiest day, was in a completely bad mood...

got there at 10 to see two of my favourite dj's having fun while dropping a killer set. sucks that the decks were a little shaky and skipped on pete around the fourth mix or so. but then my day was became infinitely better, when pete played sacrilage (sp?), what a killer track! all and all, pete and matt played an amazing set.

then i chilled in 19+ for a little, did anyone notice a weird echo back there? and i had to pay $8 each of my rev's, so i left a 5 cent tip.

lab 4 was fucking amazing...it always makes the vibe better when the dj's/producers at the front look like they're having fun too. and talk about intense music...every time i tried to stop dancing to rest for a minute the music would bite me in the ass to start again.

i only made it into the second room for about ten minutes of czech, i'm not a huge breaks fan, but the metallica shit made me stick around for a bit. nice.

as for the venue, i was impressed, high ceiling with good decorations, only shitty thing was the security for the reasons that have already been mentioned, but instead of getting in a shouting match i just put my water bottles in my back pockets, and i never got caught. as if those idiots can't tell that i had water bottles in my pockets, but i'm glad they were stupid cuz i had little desire to spend another $4 on water (btw, wasn't one of the deals with the lifting of the rave ban a while ago that the venue must provide running water for refilling bottles? i could be wrong but...)

anyways, hats off to atm, it was about the music, and good music at that...i'm once again impressed...



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i got there at 10:12.

this means no trip ii the moon, no terminator, no oldskool. oh well. my night would have been totally different (better) if it started out like that instead of watching ravers show off to each other.

at least i got SMD 5 in frolic's set. that was basically the high point.

i was disappointed by the jungle/breaks room, too much twostep/hardstep (as always), and this time the EQ was *fucked* (not their fault, as they said, and i believe it), either way too much bass or no bass at all. the floor was also too wet and slippery for dancing.

we ran into the water thing too. eventually some of the sinks were shut off. with water at $4. it wasn't a problem for *us* (we refilled them anyway) but i can see it being a problem. you know what that problem is, i don't have to say it.

i noticed a damned lot of showoffs. any time i'd try to dance, someone would slide beside me and try to show me they were better. either that, or just people bumping into me with that better-than-you look.

mark McC: any chance your 93 mix starts with "you're going to get entertainment at its best"?


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Sweet Party! i had the time of my life untill i got kicked out around 4:30

Thanks ATM for a kick ass party!
no thanks to the security for bustin my ass!


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Sweet party....had a great time....I'm not really into happy hardcore but I couldn't miss seeing my boys MC Time and MC Sketchup (surprise appearance) jump on the mic. BOOO!!

Mystical Influence rinsed it out. His set was runnin' and I felt he had the best set of the night. Ellis Dee was good despite the sound problems and Swift played some wicked dubs.

All in all it was a good party done proper.
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