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Ravers & Depression


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Originally posted by Rosey

24 hours pass and not a single comment about choking the lizard? i'm dissapointed in you tribe. very disappointed. :( :( :(

that's because its chokin' the chicken not chokin' the lizard.:rolleyes: ;)
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Very well-said deep. As always.

OK, I have known quite a few depressed/anxiety-ridden/clinically-labelled whatever people in my day, and E was and is not a common factor. Because of the circles I've moved in, the most common factor has been an artistic temperament-- most of my friends have been theatre people or writers--and we all know that atrsy types are typically stereotyped as psychologically fucked. And most of these artsy people I know don't do E because they are afraid of fucking themselves up more (among other reasons.) There's a very common organic-drugs-only bias among a lot of these people, you know, us vegetarian, hemp-wearing folk.

But the organic drugs are an escape as well, so yeah, as people said--depressed people find relief in any escape that they deem fit.

I, like others have said, have also found that I am less depressed than before I ever did E. I can't say for sure that it had to do with brain chemicals, since my life also changed a lot at that point, and has continued to change, and maturity and experience can bring stability as well as a little pill. But the sketch is fine with me, it feels different from actually being depressed, and so it's easier to handle. Fuck, I've gone to rehearsals sketchy, I've gone to volunteer gigs, it's possible to function. Which makes it a whole lot different and a whole lot better than being depressed.



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Originally posted by AdamAnt
I normally don't post anything in a thread that Deep has posted in. What's the point?

I find that "Clown Smash" succintly summarizes just about any topic of discussion.


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Originally posted by swenard

that's because its chokin' the chicken not chokin' the lizard.:rolleyes: ;)

lizard, chicken, chockan, whatever, they're all just steps on the ladder of evolution. :D


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As I sifted through the various responses I can't help but say that maybe "we" are in denial as to whether E or K or whatever has caused us to change but we will not accept that.

My sister is depressed but she has never ever done drugs. Although I think her Prozac is doing more harm than good because she is now dependant on it.


I also know 3 people who are uber depressed and I think it is because of E. I'm a user so I'd be a hypocrite if I said it was a bad thing. I use it knowing the possible effects because while part of me plans for the future the other part lives for the day.

It just seems that the responses were denying that E could well possible effect our state of depression or lack thereof.

I hope it doesnt but if it screws with serOtonin production and flow (from my limited brain-ial knowledge) then how can it make us HAPPY in the long term.

I love discussing E.
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