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Rave is the new yoga

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mitsuko souma

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I'm all for anything that condones getting high before going to work.
And if the organizers think no one in there is blitzed, they are delusional.

Sal De Ban

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there has been some intentional dance community in Toronto for a while - although it's usually early evenings. I wonder if it still exists, if it's become larger or smaller...It's a sober thing - and I could see it working with the right people.


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Anybody who does anything other than scarf down a piece of toast or punch the person walking too slowly in front of them after getting up for work, needs to seriously re evaluate their priorities.

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mitsuko souma

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I used to hit a morning gym too.
But the last time someone gave me a massage there, my wallet disappeared.
And the last time someone offered me water there, I woke up in a bathroom stall on Tuesday.

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I ran the EletcroDash this weekend, which was basically raving and running through Wonderland. They were pumping dubstep and house through the park, projecting huge acid visuals across the entire mountain. Everyone was pimped out in glow everything.


The finish line was a huge full-on rave inside Wonderland: