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"rave culture has made significant moves toward the mainstream"

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by saskboy, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. saskboy

    saskboy TRIBE Member


    or are those Euro synth beats that bleary?

  2. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    I just liek the last part.
  3. Beings

    Beings TRIBE Member

    rap blows. blows even more on e.

    Yeah, I be hating. Plur, my ass.
  4. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    There's a rave going on right now, about a 1/2 block down the street from where I live - Marty McFly's on the bill!

    It's fun seeing the jumbled hybrid that is today's rave fashion. Earlier, two kids walked by my place sporting what would probably thought of by someone older as grunge wear (worn black denim & black t-shirts), accompanied by a full forearm's worth of candy bracelets. Plenty of full-on candy kids, gravers and cyber-punk looking types, too.
  5. unique2100

    unique2100 TRIBE Promoter

    Ughhh "Wearing a bulletproof vest after being convicted of a felony." Calling out ODB without even touching on the surrounding circumstances, proved to me this reporters idiocy.
  6. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    what are the circumstances?
  7. Krzysiu

    Krzysiu TRIBE Member

    escargot, my car go...
  8. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    one sixty, swiftly...
  9. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

  10. xtc

    xtc TRIBE Member

    I wonder what the next drug fad will be. Maybe rappers will start rapping about angel dust or heroin. stuff like "syringe binges, see my tummy cringes, i grab the mic but not till I hit myself with a spike" something stupid like that.
  11. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    pcp? its already been thru (well at least with the beastie boys)

    all the fine ladies are makin a fuss...but i cant pay attention cuz i'm on that dust!

    or "my manager's crazy he always smokes dust - hes got his own room at the back of the bus"

  12. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member

    even though i've scaled back my terrible top 40 gigs the last year, I still do the occasional wedding or corporate gig that requires me to go through the billboard top 100 and update my mainstream collection.

    did that today and everything new nowadays is basically shitty euro-trance with bad auto-tuned melodies and inane lyrics.
  13. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    yes but are the groom's parents smoking pcp
  14. Thunder

    Thunder TRIBE Member

    but it's like best bro.. besssst
  15. xtc

    xtc TRIBE Member

    can't forget Leak Bros.

    YouTube - Leak Bros - Follow The Liters
  16. Aleks

    Aleks TRIBE Member

    Definitely been noticing this phenomenon for the last five years...

    I think it's great. Rappers on e are way more fun and entertaining than hip hop mceez that take themselves too seriously. Like when have u seen immortal technique make hot girls dance? lol
  17. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    that would be coming full circle.

    more than few a few tracks in the 80s had some pcp/heroin conent.

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