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rate of inflation


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can anyone tell me what the rate of inflation has been since 1994?

if something cost a dollar in 1994, what would it cost today?


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monthly rock climbing gym membership went from $60 to $80 in the beginning of the year "because of the minimum wage increase".

Bernnie Federko

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From one of the right wing finance rags I subscribe to this morning...


ANECDOTAL: We have always liked anecdotes

for it is out of anecdotes that the realities of economic

trends arise. For example, we’ve written several times

about a conversation we had nearly a decade and a

half ago on the practice range

of our club with a member

who was … and still is… in

the mortgage broking

business. Our friend told us of

the fact that mortgages he

was making on houses priced

at several hundred thousand

dollars were being made to

families whose budgets had

$5-$10 left after expenses! A

small problem with their cars,

or an unusual visit to the dentist and their budgets were

blown, but the mortgages were made nonetheless. We

were aghast and the next week we wrote about the

impending collapse in the US housing market. That

conversation was in the spring of ’06; by ’08 the

mortgage market was in virtual collapse. The anecdote

became the trend.

To this end, we note the comments below, sent to us

by an old friend, the gist of which tells us of a real

inflation that is taking place out there in the US

economy. Our friend wrote:

Dennis, hope all is well with you. Had a

chance to preview your letter this am and

noted the article on housing. A key item few

have addressed is that lumber is at record

prices and has more than doubled over the

last 2 years and up 75% this year alone.

Typically framing lumber is 20 % of the cost

of a home and all the other wood related

items then also go higher. I recently built 4

townhomes and the raw material cost

increases (wood products) added over 20 %

to the cost of the structures. If interest rates

continue to edge up and materials stay

where they are at , we'll not see much

interest in building. Have a great day! Daryl

There’s something to be gleaned from this and it is not

that dis-or-deflation is predominant, but that inflation is

instead and that it is worsening.

Bernnie Federko

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Inflation in Canada hits a seven-year high of 3%

Inflation in Canada is speeding up, the annual rate hitting 3 per cent in July and raising issues for the Bank of Canada, Michael Babad writes. Airline, travel services and energy costs, and Ottawa’s retaliatory tariffs on the U.S. helped boost the annual pace from June’s 2.5 per cent to well beyond what was expected. Inflation now stands at its highest level since September, 2011.

The inflation report has the markets thinking that the central bank will move forward with increases to its benchmark rate. But core inflation was stable in July, so economists don’t think it will sway the timeline for gradual rate increases, with October being likely for the next one.
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