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i thought there was a wrestling thread already but I didn't see it (i actually really didnt look all that hard)

is anyone watching Wrestlemania? As i grew more and more disenfranchised over the last years with WWE it was the one last remaining PPV I would actually watch but this year, no desire at all......how do you have tag champs (MNM) not defend their titles on the show in lieu if a pillow fight?

give me a TNA PPV anyday - even their mediocre ones top anything the Fed can put together right now

HAHA - I just saw the wrestling thread a few lines down! sorry!
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I'm going to watch it because I can see it for free. If I had to pay even a dollar for it, hell mahfuckin no.

The only three matches that are worth anything will be Rey/Orton/Angle, Benoit/JBL, and the 6-man Ladder Match. Everything else is going to be shit, even Edge/Foley...I'm more than tired of seeing Foley blade for a paycheque. What, he's going to light himself on fire this time? Yawn.

I'm a TNA/UFC/any Japanese Wrestling they put on the Fight Network fan now. WWE is wall-to-wall garbage, as evidenced by the Mania card.