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rasoee the indian kitchen


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finally got the chance to hit this place up for lunch. i had the chicken biryani, which was awesome, and very filling! i'm so glad there's now an indian restaurant within walking distance of my work.

have any of you been there?

btw, it's on the southwest corner of spadina and richmond, next door to quizno's and courvoisie.

score, they deliver!
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Nice one Nesta. I went to university with the guy who runs the franchise. He knows what he's doing. A lot of people have tried the fast food indian concept but failed as the style of cooking isn't conducive to it.

They've got the right mix going for sure in terms of dishes that can be served in a relatively quick amount of time. The Kebab selection is pretty decent at all the outlets.
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i've gone there a few times, it's pretty good and really reasonably priced.
definitely nice to get some indian food take-out in this area.
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