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rart [docta seuss] - you're darn tootin [filthy dub step/glitch hop]

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
wonderfully filthy.. hope you enjoy! :)

you're darn tootin

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[track listing]

Coki - Burning

Reso - Curse Dub

Babylon System - Loaded

Juju - Baldheads

Birdy Nam Nam - Too Much Skunk Tonight

Si Begg - Bangin

edIT - Straight Heat

Vibesquad - Swivel

Breakbeat Buddha - Endurance

Cursor Miner - thebadcrankgroove

Bassnectar - Kick It Complex

edIT - Battling Go-Go Yubari

Tipper - BLAT

Tipper - ton of Brix

edIT - The Sirens


TRIBE Member
you better believe it man, this is some heavy heavy filthy shit. nice work seuss. I absolutely love the mix from Bangin' to Straight Heat and then into Swivel... ooohhhh who am i kidding, I love the whole thing, quite the ride! if you ask me, i'd say it's HAAAAAAAAAAAAAD COOOOOOOORE!!!
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