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Raptors Blow Ass!


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13 in a row now!

But imagine how good they could have done this season with a real coach...



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bring on the bags..........under jvg's eyes! i wonder what he could do with a talented, healthy team, and management that doesn't mind spending a little dough? the raps are talented, but lenny just isn't coordinating the variables very well.


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I would love Van Gundy as a replacement for Wilkens. He knows how to maximize the talent of a roster and he gets his players to play tough D. The Raptors are a soft defensive team ,they don't get to the line and except for JYD and Childs, I don't see any heart or leadership skills.

The team is in shambles, they make basic errors that even junior high players wouldn't make and they will not reach the playoffs barring a miracle.

I think Wilkens has a great, calm personality, who is a wonderful asset to the game of basketball and obviously knows what it takes to win in the NBA. But the Raptors, who on paper are debataly between the 3rd and 7th most talented team in the East are unorganized, unmotivated, and goddamnit, on a 13 game losing streak!!! No more excuses....this falls on the head coach. Maybe if there is a change, it will be a wake up call to guys like Vince, Alvin, Antonio, Hakeem , etc. who have been inconsistent all year.


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Something that just came to mind: if this season is a wash out, and we keep losing...can the Raps convince Keon Clarke to sign in the off season?
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nice points wunderbar....well said.

And RJ45, was some unbalanced rogue at your computer last night? Hooooboy.

Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by Pure Silk
how do you big the letters bigger?
You gotta put the [size=4.] (without the period) at the start and [/size.] (without the period) at the end. Any time that you put code, you always have to open it first and close it at the end of the text you want enlarged/coloured/bold.



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Originally posted by Stormshadow
Something that just came to mind: if this season is a wash out, and we keep losing...can the Raps convince Keon Clarke to sign in the off season?
Keon is another inconsistent player who gets pushed around on defense way too easily.

I think the Raps should throw the rest of the season and get the #1 lottery pick. Jason Williams or that Akron high school phenom would make us a seriously scary team.

Ah,maybe they should just bench Vince for Michael Bradley and see what the kid can do. Perhaps he will at least play some hard d?


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Hey, I like the Raps, don't get "me" wrong. But don't some of you wish that when a team (any team) goes into such a slump, you 'devilishly' wish they never win another game that season.
hee hee.
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i don't have anything to say :( other than *keep your heads up, raps.*

and fuck you wilkens. I've been saying that forever but NOOOOOO....nobody ever listens to the girl. :(


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As I said before ... Toronto is only big enough for one "Dream". Hakeem hasn't done jack since he's been here. Next that!

Somebody "DIAL 911" because the Raps are in trouble and it doesn't get any better for the rest of the road trip.

Keon is still holding it down though.
Maybe they should look into hiring Chuck "The Assosciation" Swirsky?

Maybe they should actually run some set plays instead of going for the jump shot for the past six years? Pick and rolls, screens, baseline screens, etc.

ATL (About The Leafs).


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good thing toronto has the "rock"

maybe they can get Corey Hirsch too coach the (c)raps.

2 birds with one stone????

Lenny Wilkens in net for the buds and Hirsch coaching. And I bet it wouldn't be any worse than it is now. :rolleyes:

i'm not sure if JVG is the answer either????


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Originally posted by Stormshadow
I said it in the other thread...we need LEO "Drive to the Basket" RAUTINS.
I think Leo would be able to make the transition from analyst to coach and would be another great candidate for head coach. he's young, understands the game and can relate to "today's players". However, he would get on the team's ass if they deserved it and make people accountable.
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both of those CTV sportscasters are fucking annoying (although rautins is way less annoying than chuck swirsky).

lenny needs to start disciplining his team more, and he also needs to be more assertive with bad calls and bad officiating. if a ref makes a bad call, get up in his face! quit being such a nice guy, this team needs an asshole coach right now.

vince needs to stop being such a fucking PUSSY (yeah i said it...what? what?), and start driving into the paint instead of settling for jump shots which, judging by his shooting of late, he can't make. there's simply no excuse. what the fuck is this guy getting paid $93.7M for, anyway???

i agree that olajuwan was a huge waste of money. he hasn't done shit for the team offensively or defensively. let him GO.

sad sad sad.

my pick for the championship is either sacramento or dallas.


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well, the slump is over. i thought the raps played really tight in the second quarter.

i still believe they can make the playoffs and do some damage.
you gotta have faith. :)