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Raptors 0-9... is there no end in sight to this drought?

Subsonic Chronic

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When they reached 0 and 5, I was pretty dissapointed but had no idea that it would get this far. Tonight a 10-game losing streak is on the horizon and a very real possibility.

And tonight they face Orlando, another impressive team that will hand them another loss if they can't put their game together.

True... Carter, Olajuwon (sp?), and JYD have been out, and you could probably chalk up some of their losses (at least to the good teams) to the injuries, but not 9 in a row.

Will tonight be the night that they finally break out of their funk? Or will they count themselves among what must surely be a small number of teams to ever have a 10-game losing streak?

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Sukebe Jiji

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I am trying to look at this losing streak in a positive light...all season, with a very few number of bright spots, the Raptors have been playing ugly...Even when they won it was still ugly as sin. Their defense has been spotty, and their offense inconsistent and basically useless against any form of zone d.

My hope is that this losing skid will prompt Lenny Wilkens and the Raps to wake up and start attacking the hoop like they can. Oh how I hope...

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I'm going to the game tonight, and have sweet seats so another Raps loss is not an option.

I predict an impressive victory - certainly double digits. Let's go with 109-93.

Vince goes off for 39 points. AD and Keon both get dubble-dubbles. Childs typically gets another zero point game (he is shooting 12% in his last 6!!!!) Lenny will get booed. McGrady has an off night - and sits the 4th quarter to rest his bad foot.

Also: To all Raps fans....

Not to worry. We will make the playoffs, and we will be a force in the post season. Missing out on home court advantage will hurt for sure, but the Raps will emerge and make it to the Eastern Conference finals!

Without Jordan - the Wiz are done. Charlotte will also fall apart and miss playoffs. So that leaves the Raps, Philly, and Indiana sqeaking into the last 3 spots. If we can get matched up against Detroit I will be happy.


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Overall I'm not that concerned about this losing streak. None of the competitors in the East really lit it up over the same period. I think the Wiz have lost 5 straight, Indiana is 4-4 in their last 8 so not that much damage done.

Plus, this gave other players time to get confidence in their offensive games. keon has been a beast lately!


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^^yes. but not as good a spot as they were a couple of weeks ago. but no worries. there's still time to improve on that before the playoffs.



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Yes, it's heartbreaking to see them on a 0-9 losing streak. But take a closer look at the east --- it's still anyone's game (with the exception of teams like miami, golden state, chicago, new york).

We are slightly behind teams like boston, orlando, detroit and milwaukee. we're still ahead of philly and washington. Most of our starting lineup suffered injuries, and even as we lost 9 straight games, we are STILL in the running. We can look at the brighter side - at least the rest of our team got some playing time that could make them THAT MUCH better than the other teams' benchwarmers.

I'm not worried about the raps at all. :)
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Originally posted by Libradragon
But take a closer look at the east --- it's still anyone's game (with the exception of teams like miami, golden state, chicago, new york).

I don't know where you live but golden state is in San Fran and definitely not in the Eastern Conference. As for the Raps, they're not learning from their mistakes, they're doing the exact same shit over and over again. I really wish Grunwald would've gone out and gotten us a viable second scoring threat but oh well, I'm sure he'll pull something off in the offseason.



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85-90 loss

well, another stinker tonight.

they missed 14 of their last 15 shots tonight vs. tracy & the magic tonight.

that's not gonna win you too many games.........
they just aren't gelling like a championship team does. I saw them on Friday, and they couldn't keep the cohesiveness going throughout the game. The Pistons however, had their shit tight.

From the Ministry of we lost that night. Duh.

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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mo pete - worse than a sophomore slump

Checked out the game tonight....I've heard about players going through sophomore slumps, but with Mo it seems to be a complete lack of confidence...it's getting worrying.

First off, did he hit a single shot tonight ? I dunno. he's totally forgotten his college type game....he used to slash at MSU. I understand that in the NBA he's going against faster defenders, but he seems to be too content to jack up the jumper. He seems unsure when he has the ball.

The Raptors offence is painful to watch. Not much motion to speak of.

The only good news was Keon. He looked good. Plus he seems to be looking to score everytime he gets it.

Good to see the crowd not go easy on T-Mac. But his passing was impressive. His game has really become well rounded.

We need to go on a serious run. Every game is a must win now. I think Indy got much stronger with their trade. NJ looks to be putting it into 1st gear.

I still believe in the Raps...but lenny has to get on their asses about moving without the ball. when was the last time we cracked 100 points!?!?
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They gave up Travis Best and Jalen Rose for:

Ron Artest
Ron Mercer
Brad Miller.

There weren't enough shots between Rose and Miller and the Indiana high-schoolers who are all becoming good finally. Travis best wasn't starting.

In return they get Artest who is versatile and a very good defender (like a young Derrick McKey). Miller who is a decent centre (by Eastern Conference Standards - plus Indy was weak here) and Mercer who pumps in 16-18 points a game no problem.


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Re: mo pete - worse than a sophomore slump

Originally posted by Gizmo

Good to see the crowd not go easy on T-Mac. But his passing was impressive. His game has really become well rounded.

that's what vince should be striving for. t-mac is the total package.