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Raoul Belmans @ Sonar Lounge, Quebec City April 1st


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nope this is not an april fools joke!

if anyone is visiting QC for some spring break action or some skiing/boarding, feel free to come check out Raoul in his first ever canadian appearance!

should be a great one! i've been hearing rumours of an afterparty after this night is done with some surprise big name guest dj's showing up as well to drop some science....

if anyone wants more details pm me and i'll get you in touch with the promotors (which i am not)
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yes Mike!

if school was finished I'd make the trek but alas I cannot.

I'm sure you'll give us a review when it's all said and done.
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the boys in QC got lucky on a post-WMC one off, Raoul's actual tour dates for a canadian tour are in july, so if you are all lucky someone in toronto will book him at that time....

and yes, i'll gladly provide a detailed review once that crazy weekend is done!