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Random vehicle damage...


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Why is it that people choose to smach a car's windows at random?? What is it about human nature tha makes us want to destroy things? Y'arr... a piss off says I...

- Sam
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Happened to me a few weeks back in hamilton. Had my entire rear windshield smashed in for no reason.

The rear is the most expensive to replace too.


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I think Peter Nomad knows all about getting shit smashed on his car.

New Year's eve, while he was inside a club playing, someone smashed in all his back lights.

Happy new year.



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i hate smashing windows, you can get caught unless you use a pebble... no finger prints... and you have to throw that damn thing so hard. I like slashing tires

Ditto Much

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It could be worse!!!!

I left my roof down one night. Came back and some drunks had pissed all over my interior.

I put 8 buckets of soap water and bleach through tghe car.

Twice I had to have the thing detailed, and every now and then althopugh nobody else ever said a word I sware to you I could still smell it.

At least a window can be replaced. My entire interior was defowled.
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I am not saying that smashing in a car's window is a good thing....but just think about it. As kids, we built up forts, block buildings, lego's and such...all to just destroy them minutes later.

I would think the same thing in our human nature is behind this kind of crap. It's too bad though that the cost to repair this kind of destruction is so much more.

I am absolutely terrified to park my car anywhere outside of my driveway. On friday night I was spinning at a club and had my friend go out and check on my car a couple times during my set just to make sure it was alright.

Sorry to hear about your damange



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people are retarded. in the summer i had my headlight broken after i had lost the keys to my car and had to leave it in a parking lot (at duncan and richmond).

walk around the club and theater district at around 2.30-3 when most regular bars close. some people act like total animals and have absolutely no disregard towards others or their property.

eitherway..sorry bout the damage done to your car.


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I had my lanlord drunken friend do a hit and run on my car in my drive way. It was sad as he stumbled out of the car, looked at his car to insure no damage, then went back in a drove home, with his 3 yr old son in the car. He had prooved he shouldnt be driving but he did anyways... way do these ppl have to endanger innocent kids?

A funnier story, the piss in the car made me think of it. 3 yrs ago my can was stolen, an undercover police officer found the colprits and approached the vehicle. The thiefs took off with the police officer having his body stuck in the window!!! So he pulled his gun out and started shooting. The The van had 3 bullet holes in it, and the driver had one! The van was covered with blood. After the van stayed with police for investigation for a month, the insurance re=apolstered the whole vehicle, but left the speaker covers on!!! So there is still blood stain on the speaker covers, its kinds gross but hey not many ppl can say a doode was shot in there car and have the proof


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sam sorry to hear 'bout your car...speaking of random acts of violence, i had my car broken into at the GO train stn (stereo removed window smashed) & when i rec'd my insurance renewal this morning my rates had jumped up 50bucks...i have 2 minor speeding tickets but both more than 2 years ago...anyone have any info on my rights re this...

thanks, jc
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I've had really bad luck with my car. With in the first 3 months I owned it, it was broken into and my deck was stolen and it was vandalized when I was in buffalo. that was the worst, driving back on the highway in the freezing cold with no window.