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raising victor vargas


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jesus christ. can this movie BE any slower? and shittier? :p. I respect what it tried to do, but.... WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? please tell me I can get the last 2 hours of my life back.

i loved this movie. it was so simple and real. for once, a movie where the teenagers aren't doing lots of drugs and participating in orgies. it was refreshing.

plus, all the kids were great actors, and i think i read that this was one of their first gigs. the film is a sequal to something else the director did, called "five feet high and rising" (or something to that affect). and i believe all the characters play versions of themselves in the film. for instance, victor is actually victor in real life, as is judy. victor's brother in the film is his real brother.

i thought it was one of the better films i saw last year....

especially after watching trash like "ken park" :)