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Ragini - Pineal Seduction


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'Pineal Seduction' is the latest Psytrance DJ mix from Polish DJ Ragini also
known for her downtempo production and progressive DJ sets as Rita Raga.

Track Listing:

01: Pineal Nerds - Yabba Dabba (Sangoma Records)
02: Tristan & Raja Ram - Take A Trip (Tip Records)
03: Mad Tribe - Meet the Ding-A-Lings - (United Beats Records)
04: Mad Tribe - Drop The Bomb (Tip Records)
05: Rezonant - Midnight (Sangoma Records)
06: Chakraview - Confused Confucius (World People)
07: Chakraview - Time And Tide (World People)
08: Transcut - El Muneco Perfecto (Ataxia Corporation)
09: Painn - Quantum Hallucination (Kaos Crew Records)
10: Rezonant & Djantrix - Twinight (Sangoma Records)

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