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RAGGA records for sale!

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by terrawrist III, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    what I have to offer:

    slammin' vinyl presents:Absolute classic drum and bass-triple pack

    1)swan e,engineers without fears,bodysnatch,chimeira

    2)noise factory,asend and ultravibe,DJ Ron and EQP,ellis Dee

    3)house crew,potential bad boy,noise factory,ellis dee

    blackstar-champion DJ/set it

    pascal-favours/who can draw

    sundog-super K9 remix(vinyl syn.)/invaders

    dj zinc-on fire tonight/pink panther(both remixes)

    divine styler-the directrix remixes(w/optical)double

    studio 4(one and only shy FX)-replica/kiss chase

    division one-warning(dub mix and tearout mix)

    nomads feat. ninja-overboard/continued over

    the warlockz feat.future troubles-kung-fu/kung fu dub mix

    lion of judah-exodus/mystic vibration

    TOP CAT-body/push up your lighta!

    WOT"S MY CODE(total science mix)

    and then them on the flip with "breakfast club"

    MOBY-GO! the return(dylan remix...pretty rough!)

    that's my list...a lot of them may not be RAGGA per say, but these are what i have.

    5 bucks for singles and 10 for doubles and the triple pack for 12 bucks!

    terrawristJ@netscape.net or let me know here
  2. sauce

    sauce TRIBE Member

    Check yer mail.
  3. T

    T TRIBE Member

    wow,. people are gonna eat that shit up!

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